All my unreasonable foolishness is overlooked, and my babbling words, excused. My immediate and true desires become clear to me, while my timorous attitude is cast away. In a drunken stupor, I stumble aimlessly across the room and collapse on a couch. My acquaintances, caught up in a furious and competitive game of cards, ignore me. My close friends, in a considerable clearer state than me, amuse themselves by observing my senseless actions. I realize that their obvious gestures and crude remarks are directed towards me, but I laugh along. Their words are harmless, and my laughter pumps a pleasurable jolt of adrenaline into my restless, floating body. Any out-of-pace phrase immediately triggers my insane, uncontrollable giggles, which crescendos in intensity until an abrupt and unpredictable halt. I keep chattering away nonchalantly about no specific topic, with no worries about what other people would think of me. That is only going to be a problem to face tomorrow, when the selfish reality will rudely interrupt this fleeting, pleasant moment. However, the past and the future do not concern me. Only the present, the now, matters, and tonight is a rare occasion when I truly enjoy living. Being alive grants access to this mysterious and exorbitant happiness. I have no shame, no guilt, no burden. No qualms are present to encumber my fragile shoulders that collapse from the continuous stress and confusion that mercilessly plague my life. I am content to die and never wake up from this hopeful dream. Trying to grab onto this fantasy is as impossible as grasping liquid water. But what twisted irony! Alcohol: a welcome blessing…or a wretched curse?