Accidental Embraces

Chapter 1

The shouting and screaming was followed by a loud rapping at the bathroom door. Ignoring it at first, it only increased and I stared in the mirror, the dark bags under my eyes only seeming to get bigger.

"Go away." I yelled, pulling my eyes down slightly. All I could see in the mirror was a drunken seventeen year old girl, with messy hair and shitty make-up, blackening skin, blood shot eyes, a freaking state.

"Get your ass out of there!" a voice yelled. I stared in the mirror for a moment longer, before sighing and running a hand through my hair, ignoring the fact it got stuck half way through. Licking my lips, I turned and began towards the bathroom door, stumbling slightly as the alcohol took a slight toll on me.

Unlocking the door, I shoved my way out, ignoring the glares from the people waiting to get in. There was a line down the wall of people looking extremely pissed off. Rolling my eyes, I pushed my way through the throng of people casually hanging out by the stairs.

"Kaelyn!" a voice called from somewhere behind me. Choosing to disregard the calling, I broke free of the horde and was almost swept over by the sudden gust of wind that hit me as I got out the front door.

The fresh air and sudden coolness was intense, and I let out a satisfied sigh, leaving the blaring music and immature drunks behind. My name was still being shouted, but the Cab was already waiting. Sliding into the back seat, I thought for a moment, not knowing whether to go home or to go to a club and get totally wasted, drown my sorrows.

Choosing the latter, I asked to be taken to town. The Cabby looked at me in his rear-view mirror, before pulling off. The ride was a bit of a blur, but I remember thrusting notes at the Cabby and climbing out at the sight of a large flashing sign.

Walking forward, I looked at the bouncer carefully, flashing my fake ID, before entering the crowded club. I instantly felt bodies slam into me, but the alcohol in my system allowed me to not really feel any pain, the numbing effect coming into use. Just about managing to reach the bar, I ordered something, not really aware of the words spilling from my mouth.

Paying, I gulped the drink hurriedly, and ordered another. Before long, I had drunk too much, and everything was a bit of a haze. I vaguely remember the bartender refusing to serve me any more, then a random guy helping me to the toilets... after that, so much was a blur.

"Hmmmm..." was about the only sound I could produce when I woke with a throbbing head. Yawning, I reluctantly swung out of the comfort of the bed I was lying in, before collapsing on the floor. Blinking back the wave of nausea threatening to release vile, I looked around, suddenly very aware of the room.

The carpet was a soft caramel color, and the bed I had just rolled off had a white duvet half hanging off, the walls had a soft beige tint to them, and plush white curtains draped from the rail above the window. Swallowing the saliva in my mouth, I stood up, and noticed my clothes scattered across the floor. Turning around, I studied the bed, which was now empty. The sheet was in a mess, hanging off the side and end, the pillows were worn down, and resting here an there. Rubbing my head, I walked towards the nearest door, yanking it open.

My legs dragged you down the hall almost involuntarily, until I let out a shriek as three guys turned to look at me. As if all the alcohol had been removed from my system, I seemed to have woken from the trance, the cloud that had been surrounding me until not suddenly lifted.

My jaw hung as I stared at the three guys, who, with equal shock, stared back.

"Dude..." one said, tugging off his sweater. He hurried towards be, and I felt him tug it over my body. The other two seemed to now be stifling obvious laughter. I felt my cheeks warm as I panicked. Where was I, what happened?

The added confusion only added more pain to my throbbing head, and my stomach lurch as I suddenly heaved. I felt myself being swept into the air, and a second later, I was lying over a toilet, throwing my guts up in the pan. My stomach ached and the acid burned my throat. I heard the door shut, and someone crouched beside me, removing my hair from my face carefully. I didn't look up, just wiped my mouth and flushed the toilet.

"Jesus." I heard the same voice from before, and a comforting hand swept down my back, caressing it slightly. I had never been so grateful for company. As my stomach eased the churning feeling, I stood up, and glanced around for the sink. Upon finding it next to the toilet, I quickly cleaned my face up, refusing to look at whoever was in the bathroom with me. The cold tiles sent shivers up my spine and I shivered slightly.

Splashing water onto my face, I glanced in the mirror, utterly surprised to see a half-decent reflection. There was no make-up smears across my cheeks, my hair wasn't as wild really, just slightly puffy. My eyes weren't so blood shot, and my skin didn't look like shit. Sure, I wasn't looking my most attractive, but I couldn't remember at what point I had brushed my hair and removed the crap off of my face.

"Feeling better now?" the guy said. I turned to face him. He was smiling at me, resting against the door. I blushed, and brushed the hair from my eyes, glad I hadn't vomited all over myself. Nodding, I stared at my feet, shifting at the awkwardness of it all. "Good..." he laughed slightly, his deep voice kind of sexy.

Looking up, I took in his appearance. He was wearing a white shirt, and baggy black jeans, his feet bare. With his arms crossed across his chest, I could see a faint bulge of muscle, but he didn't look particularly muscular. He had a light skin tone, and a slight build, apart from his height. He was probably around six foot two, ish. He had a strong jaw line and a soft smile. Two dimples appeared in his cheeks when he grinned at me. His nose was perfectly fitting for his face, neither big nor small. What I really noticed was the pair of green gems for eyes, an emerald color with flecks of gold. Gazing at me, a curious expression plagued his features.

"So, you make a habit of walking around guy's apartments completely nude?" he asked, chuckling. I gawped, wide-eyed, before ashamedly staring down. I sub-consciously pulled the sweater closer to me. It reached mid-thigh so there was no chance of my modesty, or what was left of it, being revealed.

"No!" I squeaked, pushing passed him and opening the door. I could feel his eyes on me as I began the way I came, towards the bedroom. The moment I entered the room, I searched for all my clothes, pulling on my underpants and bra, before sliding into the scruffy skinny jeans and Rasmus t-shirt I had picked up off of the floor. I vaguely remembered putting the outfit on, but everything was still a slight blur. My socks were a bit of a challenge to find, and I blushed when I saw them poking out beneath a pair of boxers. Hurriedly kicking the boxers off, and standing at the safe distance away from them, I pulled them onto my feet, with a look of disgust.

All of a sudden it hit me, something that hadn't even occurred to me before now. I found myself slumping on the bed. It made perfect sense why I was naked. I had gotten drunk, picked up some guy... and we had sex. Staring in disbelief, I chose not to believe it, it wasn't something that had ever happened before, besides, I couldn't remember anything after leaving the house party.

Finding my shoes was a simple task. The red converse slid onto my feet easily enough. I looked around for my sweater, but when I couldn't find it, I just slid back into the guy's. Finger my crystal necklace as the sweater fell around my body, I sighed, thinking of what an evil bitch I was.

Hurrying from the room, I looked up and down the corridor. The walls were whites, and the floor was laminate. From what I had seen, the flat, I presumed, was very upper class. Well, sort of.

Seeing what I presumed was the front door, I walked towards it, wondering if the guy was going to miss it. Just as I was about to turn the handle, the door suddenly opened. I let out a shriek, and several face appeared around me.

Taken back, I looked around, and saw that there was a guy at the door, the two from earlier and the guy whose sweater I'd taken.

"Wow, yeah, definitely a nine." a voice said.

"Yeah, definitely." another joined in. This time it was the guy at the door, peering at me slightly.

"I think a ten, maybe." someone else said. I blushed, as the four guys gazed at me.

"Maybe you're right." the second voice said.

"Guys, shut up." the sweater guy said. I felt a hand grip mine and pull me towards an open-plan lounge. I was forced onto a couch, and the four guys stood over me, looking at me carefully.

"What's your name?" the door guy said. I stared in shock, not entirely sure what was going on.

"Ergh..." I stuttered, "Kaelyn..."

"Hmmm." the sweater guy said, crossing his arms over his chest. "I'm Leon; the guy who freaked you out at the door, the blonde one, is Darien; the two perverts who stared at you earlier are Tom and Blake, twins." I looked at the four. There was a blonde guy to Leon's left, who was probably around my height, and the other two were on the right, identical twins. I was surprised I hadn't noticed, but then I was probably too busy being freaked out by my own nakedness.

I was suddenly shaking hands.

One of the twins stared at me intensely. I was slightly unnerved.

"How did I get here?" I whimpered, scared by the fact four very... manly guys where standing over me.

"Cab, if I recall correctly." Leon answered nonchalantly, before something clicked in his head and he actually slapped his forehead. "You don't remember?" he said, sounding quite anxious abruptly.

"Remember what?" I queried, my voice trembling.

"Pfft, remember what?" Darien, the blonde, said slightly sarcastically. I was taken back by his bitter tone. "Jesus..."

"Shut up, Darien..." one of the twins said, narrowing his eyes at the blonde. I stared confusedly at all of them, and Leon shrank back slightly, and ended up slouching on the couch opposite, looking slightly ashamed.

"What happened?" I asked, braving a say.

"Last night?" the other twin asked. I nodded, and he laughed. I stared at his curiously, and then studied the other three guys. They didn't look much older than me, maybe twenty.

"Well, you and lover boy here," Darien gestured to Leon on the couch with his head, "stumbled through the door some time this morning. And we're talking, early this morning, like, 2am-"

"And Leon decided to cook some breakfast... which you failed to eat. You played some loud music. If we weren't awake before, we were then. Then, you two went to your room to-" the first twin continued, only to be cut off by the other, who was smirking evilly.

"Fuck. We all heard you two grunting and groaning. You probably woke the whole building, and you were screaming Leon and Leon was yelling yours, and you were definitely having a rather erotic time, because usually, he isn't normally so loud, not loud enough to wake the whole of the complex-"

"Shut up!" Leon growled. I stared, wide-eyed at my lap, my cheek burning insanely. I was sorry I had even asked. Shivering slightly, I ashamedly licked my lips. I looked up in time to see Leon disappearing out of the door. I was left with the other three, who were grinning at me mischievously.

"There's more!" Darien smirked. I chanced a look at him, but by the expression on his face, I knew the embarrassing stuff wasn't over. I didn't even want to know any more.

"Once you finished in the bedroom, you two actually came out here and did it on the counter and the table..." one of the twins laughed. My eyes bulged from my face, and I whimpered, my heart sinking slightly.

"I've gotta go!" I said, standing up and shoving passed the three.

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