A one page essay/short story based on Antigone. the quotes are from the play.

The Differences between Sisters

Two women lived once, who shared the same blood, "The blood of Oedipus" and too shared: "suffering, which was his destiny…" but each chose to face it in her own way. One was headstrong, loving her brothers even after they had fallen and becoming obsessed with justice. The other was meek and obedient, not because she was weak or unable, simply because she was thus taught. These sisters loved each other each in their own way, but where one strove fearlessly to be recognized the other lived life without disruptions, loving as she lived: with quiet passion.

The headstrong sister was daring and bold, who stood, "… for family love and ancient virtues …"with a keen sense of justice and a strong dedication to her gods. She respected men and their laws only so far as they did not interfere with the worship of her gods. The other accepted and loved her sister's gods but feared the power of men as her sister did not.

Condemned and declared traitors, both were described as lunatics; neurotic, but only one was truly traitorous. The mild girl was afraid, as she had always been afraid, to live with out her sister, "because life without her won't be worth living".

The bold sister died by her own hand for the cold love of justice which filled her. The meek one lived for her love of life and wept for her mother, laying dead with her sister.

Whose life was truer and more fulfilled and who died happy? the bold or the meek? Let this be known to all and to you.

Neither was happy with death.