Never Mine

Lying here in the living room floor

Imagining your plane flying away

She gave you love I wasn't born to give

I'm holding a picture of us in my hand

The memories are playing like a movie without sound

Nothing was meant last forever

That was something I knew well


The day I chose to set you free

Was the day I let you find true love

She was the person I could never be

Your heart was never mine to have

The day I saw you walk away

You didn't even take one last look back

Although it won't be easy but

It is time to let go of something

I was never meant to have

Sitting here all alone by the coffee table

Thinking about the moment we first met

But maybe it is time to forget

I'm staring at the letter that you gave me

As the tears keep falling down my eyes

I know I should try to move on

But it's always easier said than done


If I could have just one wish

I'd wish I didn't feel this way

I know I was the one who said goodbye

But you were the reason why