Baggage Carousel

Just like Motion City Soundtrack you're my Favorite Accident

There are worse mistakes I could have made

We got through March and April but not quite to May

And as I clean the kitchen I realize

I'm happier with him than I ever was with you

But something in me wants to know

What could have been?

And I assure myself of the truth


There was no future for us

I'd never get to meet your parents

And they wouldn't have liked me if I did

I promise myself that that when this song is over I'll stop thinking of you

And that when I mop the floor with the last of my tears

My eyes will be dry of thoughts of you forever

But I'll allow myself this last ounce of bitterness

And after that it will be over

And I will find comfort in the friendship we share

Where everything is platonic

And we won't dance together anymore

And it's true

I love him more than I ever loved you

And I won't allow myself to wonder anymore

What could have been?