All about freedom!

By Garnet – Earth – Princess

The world I have seen there was no freedom in this world….
Where can I escape to?
All I want is to have my own freedom and my own world…

No way am I going let a person to control my world or my life…
I was curled up was in the books and movies….
Made me escape from the reality world where I lived in.

I hate rules, orders and made me treat like a child.
I hate to be trapped into shell like a crab.
No wonder I was so depression and so sadly so easily…it was not so easily for me either.

Damn the wars that filled up the bloody, screaming, cries of the babies….
Moan from the mothers who were hopeless needs helping.
Children were starving…where were foods are?

When will First Aids Rescuer come? Not know when…How long?
Many soldiers were injured in the wars and wounded….
Where will be there freedom for those? None….never will happens is it?

Now where I live in was suck…The life was damn shit one…
All I want is going out with my friends and go visit holidays and play on games…
Am I only one who needs change my attitude is it?

How can I survive without been homeless girl?
No way I going to be on street again and being beggar girl …..
I need to be secure in my sweet home and where everyone welcomes me…

Damn those people…who don't understand it the world. They never care about them either.
The world desperate needs help…Why they never help them?
They were ignored their help for nothing.

Its shame when something happens on the news every night filled about wars.
It's been so painful to see it and feels so helpless to help them.
It was not easily to have peace life and freedom…

I wish i could help them but its not easily as well in the life always have ups and downs.

The life is not easily okay….Help others is the most important one.