Sometimes society makes me so mad... Grr. Yes. Dedicated to my parents, who named me. Alexandra- Helper of mankind. Defender of mankind... Yeah, right.



Name this.

Name her.

Name me.

Such a pity you can't name yourself.

Let me introduce myself.

Hi. I'm a perfectly normal teenager

with one hell of a mood swing problem.


No, of course not.

You don't want to know who I am.

You want to know my name.

How silly of me,

not to realize that

five, six, seven letters

thrown together by parents

(who hope to whatever power there is

that the name will define you),

could possibly mean less than

an actual answer to the question.

But that's life, huh?


Why pretend to care

about who someone is,

when it's so much easier,

quicker, safer,

to just ask their name?

Well. Don't look at me.

I'm not handing out answers.

I'm asking the questions.

Hi. I'm myself-



perfectly undefined.

Who are you?