Annie waited on the corner, looking up at the blinking Santana Row sign, displaying for the entire world to see the name of the street where all the rich and beautiful spent their time, either eating at overpriced restaurants, or sitting at the various cafes. The girl looked barely old enough to drive, let alone be out this late at night when all the bar hoppers and prostitutes- sorry, escorts- went to their homes. The barkeeps were throwing out the drunks, and Annie watched as they staggered along, hopelessly trying to find keys to their fancy cars, key that were long since taken away from them.

Annie hugged her blue jacket tighter around herself, her curly blond hair falling away from her face to look up in the sky for the moon. She sighed- it had not risen tonight.

She was shaking now, her breath becoming labored and heavy. The temperature was dropping rapidly, and soon she could see her breath. He must be near.

"Annie." A masculine voice came from behind her, deep and rumbling. She nearly jumped- he was too close for comfort. She felt his arms wrap around her waist and she stiffened; though his touch was familiar, it was unwanted and she quickly stepped out of his hold, turning around.

Two sets of blue eyes met each other, one full of emotion, the other cold and numb. "Vermillion." Annie said, looking the man up and down.

Vermillion did not look well; his skin was sickly pale, with dark circles under his eyes, the azure of his irises practically glowing. His lips were pale, his body thinner than what it used to be, but he still was of a great size, towering over most men. But his clothes hung off him like they were four sizes too big.

Annie reached up to touch a lock of his curly, shoulder length hair. "You dyed it." She commented, looking at the dark brown mass.

Vermillion smiled, looking down at the much younger girl. "Hello lover."

Annie didn't give any greeting. "You haven't been feeding."



Vermillion gave no response. He just looked away.

"Why?" She pressed, awkwardly patting him arm as to provide some sort of comfort.

He jerked back, wailing. "Because every woman I try to feed off of isn't you!"

Annie gave him a look. "I'm barely sixteen. I'm no woman."

Filled with emotion, the incubus replied. "But you are! I watched you grow up into a beautiful, well mannered woman. By the age of sixteen, you've stolen what's left of my black little heart."

Annie glared at him. "Mom would kill you if she found out what you stole from me."

"I can't die anymore, you know that."

"You know what I meant."

"I'm not sorry that I took your virginity."

"Stole, over and over again!" she shouted, working up until she was screaming. "You fucking stole it you demon!"

He smirked. "You had to admit it was good."

"No, it wasn't! It was with my brother, my demon brother who drove his mother fucking crazy with worry when he ran away to become a fucking demon, and then came back eight years later to rape his baby sister! That is not what I call 'good' sex!" Annie took a breath, her face red. "How many people did you kill or rape or whatever you had to do to be come what you are?"

Vermillion's eyes blazed, his face becoming twisted and grotesque. "You are lying. You love me."

Annie snorted. "Don't be arrogant."

"Don't b-be arrogant?" He repeated, looking like a hurt animal. Annie almost regretted saying the words, but they were the truth; hate has no sympathy for family.

"Vermillion, you don't have the right to be hurt. I gave no false emotions anytime I was around you- I hate you. I hate you with every particle of my being; I hated you in the womb. I hated you when you were gone. I hated you when you came back. I loathed you when you took my virginity. And frankly, I can't wait for you to fucking leave so I can continue on with my life, because when I die I'm going to see you in hell, aren't I?"

Vermillion responded with his claws, slashing at Annie's face, her stomach, anything that he could get at. Soon, Annie's tattered an torn body was laying on the sidewalk, and Vermillion was gone, what's left of his broken black heart left with the death of his lover, his sister.