What am I doing

spinning these words

they've lost all heir magic

they're losing their verse.

There's nothing left here

I'm empty inside.

I can't even feel,

not when I cry.

I've nothing to say,

I'm not really allowed.

My mouth has been silenced

by words swallowed up.

And it's all down to me,

with my hate and pain,

but I wish you could see

everything that I gave.

My life's disappeared,

I'm losing my edge.

I can't cope with thoughts

spinning inside my head.

But I can't write them down

and I can't speak them out,

my words swallowed up,

and silenced my mouth.

So here I sit staring,

alone with myself,

unable to move

and unable to help.

Not able to talk,

not able to think...

Nothing to do,

and no class of drink.

And I'm swallowed by this

but it won't let me out

all my words swallowed up

and silenced my mouth.