Feelings of infinite possibility are delusional

You're so fucking spaced out

Sort of like the way Dave Matthews makes you feel

Sort of like the way saxophones are the only instrument that can capture human emotion

Guitars are cool too

You can't reach out beyond your walls

Red and blue lights

Ambulance lights on the sheetrock of your mind/prison/house/body

Structure is the most common form of imprisonment

You are incapable of love

You will never have sex

You're so mod that I can't stand it

How enlightened to you have to act to actually become enlightened

That's the question we should all be asking… how much to we have to act to become

Just how much

You can't write and I will never write again

I can't write past the opening idea

People are dying and I'm wondering why I haven't written in years

Just been so busy, ya know…




Parking lots

My diary hasn't seen me in months

My mind is closed down with caution tape that reads caution cuidado caution cuidado

Police tape and love can be interchangeable like loving a rent-a-cop

Most of the time I just make myself laugh

Curled up in the fetals with fits of laughter

I wonder… how healthy can this be after a while

How deluded are the bleep bleep bleeps of the heart monitors after a while

How much can I love you after a while

How much shit can I come up with after a while

How much anger can I hold after a while

But I'm not really angry

No, not at all

I'm just alive most of the time