The Time Between Twelve Thirty and One Thirty

Is it day or night at the moment?

I have no idea whether it's dark or light

Something tells me that it's night

And it fills my head with fright

Where the hell is my watch?

All I hear are sounds from the grandfather clock

Chiming one time

Just once

And I'm wondering what time it might be

Is it twelve thirty, one or one thirty?

It is time for my mind to get dirty

Suddenly I feel so uncertain

All I hear is another toll from the old clock

Chiming one time

Just once

These moments are so strange to me

Filled with confusion and mysteries

How can I sleep when it's so much I don't know?

How can I stay awake

When I know it's time to sleep?

My eyes they are so deep

And I see nothing but hear another toll


Apparently I was aware from the beginning

And suddenly I don't feel confused anymore

I can not remember why and what for

I feel like opening up my door

But what is it that I hear?

A noise from the old and dusty clock in the corner

Chiming one time

Just once

What the hell?