Shadow girl so full of grace

Emotionless, her upturned face

Features like a god of stone

Though origin remains unknown

Child from forgotten place

Majestic to her very base

Reach out and away she'll shy

Not for touch or public eye

Lovely though she seems to be

Her eyes tell tales you first won't see

Shell of past, knowledge of lies

Trust won't just go to he who tries

Faithless in our humanly hearts

Blame though be not on her part

Past of secrets and despise

Heartbeak, mistrust, and good-byes

Different is she from her race

Though lovely and quite fair of face

Ill will and thoughts of demise

For life she's seen with her own eyes

Shallow was the will to live

Hollowed from what was her's to give

Tainted is her innocence

But she is our deliverance