I enjoy using poem formats that are invented by someone else. Not to say that I don't use my own, I often like to try new ways to write poetry. This one is called Wrapped Refrain, created by Jan Turner and written by me. See if you can find the rhyme, syllable and line patterns. Enjoy.

Darkness Consumes when Light Ceases

Darkness consumes us into hell.

It wraps around us with its shell.

The walls are hard to overcome.

The horrid monsters we become.

Evil becomes of us; we shed blood in all rooms.

Our mind has no reason or thought…darkness consumes.

The light ceases in our visions.

We have no dying decisions.

We have can not create a conflict.

We only have pain to afflict.

Our soul is broken; we can not find the pieces.

You know the end is coming when the light ceases.