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Chapter one: First Class

Scott stood tiredly in the check-in line for his flight back home. Two months he had been traveling around Europe, trying to come to terms with himself and the world. He had left the States on a whim and unexpectedly and now he was returning home just as suddenly. Ironically he was returning for the same reason as he had left. Gavin.

Yesterday Layla had called in a panic, telling him that Gavin had been in an accident and that things looked really bad. It was clear from the fact that Layla had even called that Gavin had not told anything about what had happened between them. Because Layla was clearly still under the impression that they were still the best of friends.

Gavin had driven him on his tour of Europe for the summer and now he was driving him back. It had profoundly disturbed Scott on several occasions that he had been the one to leave, to run like a dog with his tail between the legs whereas Gavin just continued his life and his deception. Ironically, he was hung-over when he had left and he had a hangover now. If anything, Gavin drove him to drink.

And now he was standing at the end of a never shortening line waiting to check in surrounded by the loudness and turmoil of Heathrow on a busy Friday morning. He stared longingly at the check-in for the business class. In the whole hour he had been standing in this non moving line only three people had come to check in at that desk.

Someone pushing their bags into back of his knees jarred Scott out of his thoughts and stumbling ahead he found himself in front of the stewardess. So the line had been moving after all.

The stewardess, with the company policy good looks and no charm, looked up startled from her screen before she gave him fake polite smile.

"Hi." Scott said giving the blonde the brightest smile he could muster handing her his ticket.

She said nothing as she accepted the ticket and turned back to her computer. Just as she was about to check him in her phone rang and Scott barely suppressed a groan. All he wanted was to get checked in and get on that damned plane already so he could get some sleep.

He caught the stewardess eying him critically; while she snapped at whomever it was she was talking to. Scott lazily raised his eyebrows at her scrutiny. He probably looked as he felt, scruffy, what with his hangover and running on three hours sleep.

The woman put the phone down and flashed him another fake polite smile, handing him back his ticket.

"You're in luck, sir. Your seat has been upgraded to business class, so please check in at the other desk. Good day sir." Scott listened to the woman's words not quite believing what he was hearing. He just looked at her for a good few seconds until she gave him an impatient glare. Dumbly Scott picked up his suitcases and moved on to the other desk.

After finally making it through customs Scott found himself in front of the business class lobby, mulling over whether or not to enter. On the one hand he wanted to make the most of this unexpected pleasure but on the on the other hand, the normal gate lounge might be more relaxing. The last thing he needed right now were judgmental looks from snotty rich people who thought themselves above him just because of their bank statement.

Having come to a decision Scott walked towards the gate, only to turn back as soon as he heard the loud crying of not just one but two toddlers. Snobby rich folk or wailing babies, if only all life's choices were always that simple.

Stepping inside the lounge Scott immediately decided that this was the right choice. Even the prissy attendant with the attitude checking his boarding pass was worth it. This was the life. No cramped together plastic seats in a cold steel environment, but a modern lounge with grouped seats and two-seater couches. There was a bar in the middle of the area with a staircase beside it. Christ, but getting upgraded truly was the best thing, ever.

Sauntering over to the bar Scott glanced out of the glass paneling overlooking the terminal and the runways. Even the view seemed better from here, although that probably was his imagination.

Curiously Scott made his way upstairs to find a wine bar and the décor was darker here, more like an actual bar. A pretty thing smiled at him but he just shook his head, still in awe of all the facilities offered to the wealthy. He felt a surge of indignation at it all but then realized that the tickets were astronomically prized as well.

Had the lower lobby been sparsely filled with a few lone businessmen and women, here there was a group gathered around dragged together tables and chairs.

They simply screamed wealth. It seemed like two families, some older but most of them Scott's age and all of them impeccably groomed. There was no doubt in Scott's mind that each outfit cost more than he had ever earned in a month, and probably his parents too. Scott glanced around the bar once more, perhaps he had stumbled on to a photo shoot. But no, these people were for real.

Scott took a seat at the bar and ordered a coffee. From here he had a good view of the group and he couldn't think of a better way to spend his time than observing the rich in their natural habitat. At least it took his mind off his own worries.

Scott's eyes fell on a very pretty girl of about fifteen with glossy blonde hair, dressed in a seemingly simple pair of jeans and simple t-shirt. She was talking animatedly to a black guy in his twenties, who was smiling brilliantly at whatever the girl had to say. Scott smiled into his coffee cup. He'd smile brilliantly at the girl too, even if she was a bit young.

On the far side of the group there was another beautiful girl, with reddish soft curls framing her face. She was seated on a two-seater, smiling contentedly. She was also leaning into a guy who was disgustedly handsome, with a pale face and jet black hair. He had his arm around and was idly twirling a lock of her hair around in his fingers. Of course such a girl would have such an ass for a boyfriend. They were talking to two women, one blonde and one dark haired, leisurely drinking their…wine. Scott's eyes budged at this, it was not even noon yet. Taking in the group once more, he noticed they were all drinking wine, even the blonde girl. God, how he wished his parents had been so indulgent.

Quite suddenly the redhead looked up and flashed a smile in Scott's direction, but definitely not at Scott. He followed her gaze though and noticed two men coming up at the bar, clearly father and son. Both of them blonde and they too, of course, were handsome in a classical, almost aristocratic manner. Sharply defined cheekbones, firm jaws, bright blue eyes, and not a sign that any of it was unnatural.

The father turned towards the bar as the son smiled brightly at the girl on the sofa.

"How can I help you, milord?" The girl behind the counter said with a polite smile.

Scott almost chocked on his coffee. Christ, the man really was bona fide aristocracy. Scott would've expected him to more ugly and stuffy.

"Coffee and tea all around please, and some sandwiches or something like that. Light snacks in any case."

The girl looked troubled for a moment before nodding.

"Of course sir." she bobbed her head. Scott expected her to curtsey as well but thankfully she refrained from that. The older man merely nodded before he turned towards his son who was still staring at the girl on the sofa, with what could only be called a silly smile.

"Jason." The father said and the younger man turned towards him with a huff of annoyance.

"Yes, Father?" he said and even Scott, who had never heard him speak, could tell that the overly sweet tone was meant to mock his father. Scott grinned into his cup.

"You will behave yourself, you hear me?"

"You know, father, it has been brought to my attention on more than one occasion that I'm actually quite intelligent and rarely need to be told things twice. So you harping on for eight months really could be considered overkill." Still a sugary sweet tone but with a definite twinge of acid.

"Jason." and that was a clear warning.

This was like watching a real-life version of the OC, or something like that. Wealthy, pretty boys and girls with parental problems, just like everybody else.

"Yes, Father?"

"I still feel you are too young for this…"

"Father, whatever it is you feel I'm too young for today, leave it. Let's spend these few hours enjoying each other's company, as much as we can."

"Do not take that tone with me, Jason. You know very well this not just about you. As soon as the novelty of this situation wears off you'll leave behind a big mess. Caleb I'm not worried about but Heather is an entirely different story."

Scott was as much listening to the man as he was watching his son's expressions. The indulgence had vanished and very ill-concealed rage. The son, Jason, took a few deep breaths before replying through gritted teeth.

"I've already told you, sir, that neither moving to New York nor my relationship with both Caleb and Heather were impulsive decisions." Jason paused and Scott was shocked to suddenly find himself looking into the guy's stale-blue eyes. Jason held his gaze as he spoke again, stepping around his father.

"Oh, and Father, for one so obsessed with me being indiscreet, you could truly use a lesson in discretion yourself."

With that parting shot the guy strode, actually strode, away. Scott watched him as he walked over to the redhead and raven-haired guy. Without ceremony he took the wineglass from other guy's, Caleb's, hand and took a hearty drink from it. Then he gave the glass back and sat down between them, forcing the girl to shift into his lap. Encircling her waist to pull her closer with one arm he stretched the other out to the Caleb guy, who only took hold of Jason's wrist, stroking it idly.

Scott stared at them as the implications of what the blonde had actually said sank in.

Those three were together. Three pretty, rich kids were together and had apparently been so for a while. And nobody present, not even the critical aristocratic father seemed to mind.

God, but the rich truly lived outside of reality.

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