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Chapter Two: Serving the wealthy

How could it be that there were phones in paradise? Eric contemplated as he luxuriated in the feel of pure white sand between his toes and the warmth of the sun on his face. And why was nobody answering the darn thing.

The exotic paradise surrounding Eric faded as he swam to consciousness, realizing that the ringing had never been part of his dream. Eric's hand searched out the offending on its own accord and brought it to his ear.

"Hello?" he answered groggily, silently condemning the caller, whoever it may be.

"Good morning Eric, not waking you up, am I?" the way too chirpy voice of Millie greeted him on the other end. Eric merely grunted in reply. "I did? But it's like ten thirty already and, like, I've been working, like, eight already. And I was, like, up at like…"

"Millie." Eric gritted out his friend's name, not amused by her cheer and unique brand of humor. He was slightly more awake now, though.

"Ooh, you need your coffee Mr. Grumpypants. Fine, I'll cut to the chase: I might have a job for you."

Eric was upright in instant, Millie immediately forgiven for intruding on his well deserved sleep. Before he could ask any questions though, Millie was talking again.

"Actually, it sounds a bit dodgy but the pay looks very good… and it'd be room and board."

"What the F.!" Eric exclaimed, nervous excitement taking a hold at those words. "I don't care if I have to wipe Bush's ass, I'll take it."

Millie burst out laughing and almost died from it by the sound of it.

This was the good thing about being listed at one the most upscale cleaning service agency in town and having a man, or an ex-girlfriend, on the inside as well. There was always the chance of hitting the jackpot, life as live-in maid with enough pay and free time to pursue a part-time college education. And it sounded like that this might be it. Of course, the down-side was that rich people could be quite… annoying. But that hardly weighed up against having to juggle two jobs and college, and living in a dingy apartment in Brooklyn. A very dingy apartment.

"Okay, it doesn't sound quite that bad but near enough. The client is some rich English aristocrat. Apparently he and his friends have moved here and they're in need of a discreet, young, and preferably male housekeeper cum butler."

Eric blinked, processing that information, and not missing Millie's inflictions on certain key words. Yeah, that would explain why Millie thought the job dodgy. Male housekeepers were rarely preferred and by the sound of it Eric would probably have to do his work in just his cut-offs, or something. Rich, foreign old dudes with friends were like that.

"What's the pay?" Eric asked, instead of blurting out 'good thing I'm gay then', Millie still was in a bit sensitive about that.

"About three times the average," Eric let out low whistle. "And benefits include healthcare and a dental plan. And the address is smack in the middle of Greenwich Village."

Eric whistled again as he jumped out of bed. This truly was his chance at the Jackpot.

"Alright, where and when. And please tell me that Miguel or Richard haven't been called yet." Instead of answering Millie just sighed. Eric stopped his way to the shower.

"Millie, this could be my chance. Look, if you think I'll let have some English old dude have his way with me just because of the money and the location, and the benefits, then really, I'm insulted." he tried for some levity, his brain really not geared for the worries of ex-girlfriends, especially not since they had called him about the job in the first place.

"Yeah, alright. You're expected at 215 Thompson Street at one o'clock. And you're the only one who's called, so far. The order only came in at nine this morning."

"Mills, I love you, you know that right?" Eric said resuming the five foot track to his bathroom. "And if I land this job, I'll owe you dinner somewhere really fancy."

Millie was silent a moment too long before she spoke but Eric decided to ignore it.

"Yeah, just as long as it isn't anywhere too gay, okay." Eric decided to accept her chuckle as real one.

"Sure, babe, whatever strikes your fancy."

"Well, I'm sure I can think up something appropriate. Give me ring when you're done, okay?"

"Will do, bye Mills, and thank you." Eric said, already turning on the shower spray. He heard her goodbye's and left his phone on the bathroom shelf. He had enough time to get himself ready, if he didn't dawdle.

Nearly two hours later Eric found himself in front off a nice, Greek revival townhouse. He could already find himself living here, popping out to the all night grocers he passed on the way, or walking the short walk to NYU, the campus not a block-and-a-half away.

Slightly nauseous from anticipation and lack of breakfast Eric stepped up the few steps leading to the front door and rang the bell.

After a few moments the door was opened by a very pretty girl, with reddish curls framing her face. She didn't look too pleased to see him though and Eric wondered whether the reason these people now preferred a man was because this girl had screwed up. He couldn't feel too bad about it, though. The girl was pretty and young enough to find employment somewhere else, and quickly.

He had been so absorbed in his thoughts that he missed the hand she held out, instead of simply showing him inside.

"Eric Coleman, I presume?" she asked not unkindly but with a certain air of authority and in a crisp, classy English accent, both of which made Eric quickly reassess his first impression.

"Ah yes, ehm miss..." he managed, a little hesitantly as he now had no clue who was standing before him. Although he was still pretty sure she was a daughter or something.

"Livingstone, your possible future employer, I suppose." She said with a small smile and a hint of uncertainty, stepping aside to allow Eric entry. Eric was grateful for the moment's respite to again reassess the situation, and get his suddenly spiking anxiety under control.

If this was the English aristocrat then, well, that changed things, Eric figured as he stepped into the foyer. This didn't mean that he'd be working for a girl barely older than him, if that, and her girlfriends, did it? In order to get a hold of his nerves he inspected the house after the girl had told him to follow him.

This house was an obviously well restored monument. Understated elegance seemed to be the theme, judging by the off white coloring of the walls and the minimal neo classical decorations adorning the ceiling. The sparse furniture wasn't the ostentatious, expensive garbage he had seen on those occasions when he had waited on parties for some too newly rich. Then again, if this was supposed to be English aristocracy, that wasn't too surprising was it? It was probably the girl's mother's doing anyways.

The girl led them through the foyer and up the stairs on first level without another word. At the top of the stairs she finally turned towards him.

"One moment please."

Eric only nodded in response, his throat thick with nerves and completely unsure of how to act in the face of someone was clearly even more uncertain. He watched as the girl disappeared into a room off the side.

The townhouse wasn't this biggest in its sort, being some 18 foot wide and, judging from the hallway some 30 feet deep. Still, completely unsuitable for a student and her friends. The girl's age did explain the proximity to NYU, though. And that innocent thought almost gave Eric heart palpitations. Few things could worse than having possible run-ins with your employer at your hard earned place of education, where you met with your friends and acted like just any other student.

All of a sudden this job was starting to have some very big possible drawbacks. Big enough to outway of its pros. Eric sighed deeply at the thought and told himself keep his eye on the price. If he'd be willing to wipe Bush's ass and wiggle his own for randy old men, then, really, having only to deal with some rich college girls shouldn't be that be much harder. If anything, it should be easier.

Eric almost had his nerves under control once more when the door the girl reappeared; beckoning him forward with what seemed, to Eric, a shy and hesitant smile. He took another breath and steeled himself to be judged like a piece of cattle on an auction. In all honesty, not that different from what he had imagined on the subway ride coming over here.

As he entered the room, clearly the formal reception area, Eric was surprised to find neither a giggling band of girls nor a group of lecherous old men. Instead the first face he looked into was of one the most beautiful faces he had ever seen. Deep blue eyes, half covered by sharply cut black bangs met his own and seemed to pin him down at the spot.

The man, the young man actually, didn't seem any more pleased to see him than the girl had been but it did not detract from his almost demonic beauty. Eric caught himself before he embarrassed himself in any way and he nodded politely, holding out his hand.

"Eric Coleman." he introduced himself, biting his lip from calling the young man, who, like the girl, had to be younger than him, 'sir'.

He got a nod in return and the young man spoke in a confident tone that belied his age.

"Caleb Lancaster. Thank you for coming at such short notice." he then turned around and Eric actually noticed the other in the room. An immaculately groomed couple who appeared to be in their forties, both of them handsome in a way a lot people paid a lot of money for. They were clearly and without a doubt the aristocrats Millie had warned him for. And behind their couch, leaning against the fireplace was another young man, who was obviously the son of the couple and he looked downright angry, still, any modeling agency would pay good money for this guy as well. He seemed to have been molded out of the same marble as the fireplace and his golden blonde hair could have given him the appearance of an angel, if his face hadn't been set in such fierce scowl. It wasn't even directed at Eric but at the couple in front of him, who were quite evidently his parents.

Eric decided to give up on figuring out the situation of his interview, as he was clearly out his depth. The tension was thick and Eric felt he had absolutely no reason for being here.

The girl moved past him and motioned towards the seated couple.

"Lord and Lady Salisbury, Eric Coleman." she said to them and the couple who had looking at him since he had entered only nodded politely with the vaguest hints of a smile on their faces. "And Mister Salisbury," the girl intoned forcefully and the marble statue came to live, bright blue eyes appraising Eric, who felt woefully inadequate.

A mischievous sparkled in his eyes just before he spoke and Eric knew he was in deep trouble.

"So, you're gay then?" the young man stated without preamble, looking as if he had only asked after Eric's day.

"Jason!" the father called out, outraged, before Eric could even properly process what had just been asked. The mother looked embarrassed. The girl beside Eric seemed to stifle a laugh. Eric realized with certain clarity his reaction to this remark could make or break his chances at this job. And, despite this boy's attitude, Eric really didn't want to them to break just yet. Or at least, not without some flair. If he was going to be burnt by this lot, it might just as well be for the truth.

"I truly don't think that it is of any concern on how I'd serve you," he couldn't resist lowering his voice a little at those words. "But yes I am." he finished in his normal voice.

Eric hadn't really thought ahead to the boy's possible reaction but the way he broke into a smile and inclined his head in respect, was not amongst those he would have envisioned.

He, mister Salisbury, moved from the fireplace like a cat leaving its bed in an almost indecent display of sultriness. It was clothed porn, Eric thought, as the boy, or perhaps young man, took a step towards him, carefully avoiding his parents' legs. Just as there was little more than a feet dividing them he swept to the side and sat gracefully on the other sofa, next to the girl, who had apparently seated herself already. The blonde was smiling entirely too smugly as he draped his arm across the girl's shoulders and drew her nearer. She, in turn, looked as if she was dealing with a small child but didn't resist as he nipped her earlobe quickly.

As Eric took in that picture, hearing the father groan in the behind him, the other young man moved in on the couple from behind the couch. The dark glower he sent the other man didn't go unnoticed by Eric and neither did the sharp pull at the blonde's hair. Caleb's other hand came to rest on the girl's shoulder, gently curling up in her hair.

And suddenly, seeing the picture those three beautiful people made before him, everything clicked into place.

A household of three. The phrase popped into his head almost unbidden but looking at those three it suddenly came together. Caleb Lancaster, with his dark hair and penetrating eyes, the head of the household. Heather Livingstone, quite simply the beautiful woman. And finally the blonde angelic imp. They made a picture perfect picture, surreal and ethereal.

These were teenagers, barely out of high school and should be out exploring themselves and the world but instead they seemed to have established themselves already. Eric wouldn't even been too surprised if they were all happily discovering their sexuality together.

Then the blonde tilted his head, exposing his neck in a most sinful fashion, and spoke to the glowering raven above him in an exaggerated childish voice.

"I like him. Can we keep him? Please?"

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