Lend me intent ears, and I shall tell a tale
of a surreptitious deal, marked and sealed.

There was a lady wrapped in arrogance; wrapped in greed
and her querulous ways,
such a heavy haze,
led her to gaze
upon the apple of her eye
and planted seed.
The first, of almandine, made in jeweled perfection
The second, a vile monger, brimmed with deception

The bright gem, which would be hers
was presently in the hands of the vendor.
But-no matter-
with trenchant means,
this lady, in urgency declared
"I will have this gem! Such an addition it will be.
A precious piece of perfection for my collection"
The monger, for all his filthy ambience
then cracked a distinctly bight grin.
"I will have my collection, m'lady- and now you see!
Complete are the Seven Houses of Sin… finished with thee!"