Hi guys! Me again! So my e-mail is full of people adding this as their favorite story! (THANKS! YOU ARE SO SWEET!)


This is a dead account. I am now published for realsies, and am leaving my stories up here only for the time stamp & so old readers can find me.

Horrorscape's prequel is currently available for sale on Amazon's Kindle store as an eBook for $2.99. It is called Fearscape, and has never been published on Fictionpress. I'm about halfway through the rewrite for Horrorscape, and also the sequel, Terrorscape.

You can also buy a hard copy from the CreateSpace website for about $7. I personally recommend the eBook.

Also, please feel free to add me as a friend on Goodreads. I have an author profile there and review books very actively. I LOVE making new friends! Just search for "Nenia Campbell."

Thanks for your interest, lovelies!