Dear diary 1- Vanessa


Pisces horoscopes

You are the best shoulder to cry on in the world. Compassionate and sympathetic, you're always willing to assist a friend in need. It's most likely that you'll make helping others your life's work.

August 10th

Starting from today, I Vanessa Anne Robertson will be keeping a diary to document the rest of my life.

Age: 17

Address: 129 Witherstand drive, Prospect Hills E17 NH8

Likes: Pete from Fallout boy, Justin Timberlake, Colin Farrell, Tony Hawk and Tom ( I love this one)

Dislikes: Cheap Jewellery, Dave the groper , The gruesome twosome twins ( my new twin step-brothers Johnny and Cash)

Most treasured items: My new pink elephant Vans and my skateboard

Favourite film: Kill bill volume 1 &2

Favourite shows What about Brian? and HollyOaks ( I wished I owned these shows but I do not)

Favourite song ever: Baccara –Yes sir, I can boogie ( a classic for ever)

Something I could never live without: My Revlon lip-gloss and a fresh pair of frenchies.

Favourite bands: The feeling, Kaiser chief , Fallout boy, Linkin Park ,My chemical romance and Pussycats dolls


Sitting on my bed in crippling pain, the gruesome twosome have messed up my internal organs by using me as a bed replacement. Johnny broke his bed the other day at Dad's. guess who looked comfy to him.

20minutes later

I have just seen the worst thing ever, I turned to look out and get some fresh air. You know clear the old air bags and what do I see? I'll tell you what I saw. Dave the groper. Coming towards my house. You can tell what he did the whole of his holiday in Canary Island. His skin makes him look like the poster child for fake tan gone wrong. I swear I can see his fingers twitching from lack of groping.


Guess who I'm sitting across from. Dave the groper. I wasn't going to let that freak into my house. Dave and I in the same room with nobody equals attempted grope fests. But Mamasita had let him in before I could get down the stairs.

Mamasita is my mama and my mama when she isn't at work like to sit-a-down a lotta.

"Oh… Hello, Dave" she smiled leaning all over the door like some late night seductress. I guess she must have been expecting Jack her newest boyfriend. It's not even dark yet!

"Good afternoon, Miss Robertson. Is Vanessa in her room?" He asked, his infamous smirk coated on his orange face. The old flirt giggled at the sound of the 'miss'. She nodded and pointed her thumb upwards.

Why could she be like a normal mom and ban smirky weird pervs from coming to my room instead of "completely trusting me" who does that? Completely trusts a 17 year old girl with boys in her room.


"Hey Freakazoid" He muttered sitting next to me on my bed, plucking at one of my stuffed animals eyes. I rolled my eyes and tried to get back to….anything that didn't involve him.

"Why are you here? In my house…with me?" I asked shoving him off my bed.

"Kitty Kat and Jazz just got from the Eiffel village today and called me telling me that we were having a get together at yours" He replied

Why hadn't Jasmine and Tom get back from France?

Obviously I said it out loud

"Look just because Tom isn't aware of your infatuation don't expect Jasmine not to be, she is…was your girly bessie pal. I guess she didn't want to be all up in your Grill" Dave said, Eww I can't believe he said that.

"Grill?" I questioned

"MTV" He smiled

I know it's a cliché but yes, I am in love with my boy bessie pal Tom. My so-called girlfriend Jazz but it didn't stop her from as she said "falling in love" and running off for the holidays with him to the Eiffel village we call Paris.

"Well I am so over that. Tom and I were meant to be friends" I replied

"Good, Tom is into fit girls, not carrot-top…" He started slithering over to my bed again and plunking himself next to me and his arm around my waist as he ogled my cleavage.

"Shut up Dave" I said interrupting him

"Pale freckly…"

"Shut up Dave!" I replied

"Weird skater…"

Oh great this was going to be a long night.


The whole gang except Tom has arrived. Let me introduce you to them. We are the misfits together we don't fit well but in our social cliques we do. Dave the groper is the chav who bum-licks himself. David not Dave he hates being called that can't imagine why. David is the bad boy who believes he is the biggest MC/rapper/player in all of East London. Jasmine a.k.a Jazz is the social butterfly loved yet envied by all who used to be my bessie but when she's with us she's the cry-baby and whiny one of us and me; I am the …redhead pale freckly weird skater who is in love with Tom. Tom-Kat is the leader type, he's our TJ, He is the glue that brought and holds us together.

Bessie means best friend, best pally

Jazz has been staring at me for the last 20 minutes but she hasn't said or done anything.

"So Jazzy Jazz what did you get me from Eiffel village, some frenchies?" David teased pulling down his hoodie to reveal his freshly shaved hair.

" I would have but your man bitties would be hanging all over the place" she smiled " I only but some for me and…Ness"

"What colour did you buy me, I'm a pale ginger sweetheart I hope you didn't buy me red or orange or yellow or white" I said getting involved in the convo.

"Wow that leaves so many options Ness, No I got you pink, green and blue. Oh and one purple" She replied smiling, her braces beaming back.


In the book of the reddies and strawberry blondies in tiny fine writing which only few can see it says do not where red, orange or yellow as if intensifies your hair colour or white if you are pale because you would look like the corpse bride.


Tom just arrived 10 minutes ago. All chaotic and rough, his T-shirt is back onto front. For Banana's sake.

"Hey People" He whispered he looked really out of it. His brown soulful eyes looked wide, bright and lifeless. It was like he wasn't even there while his milky chocolate curly hair was in messy tufts all over.

"You're high again" Jazz said standing up and walking over to him, over tripping over David's Kreps.

Kreps are what we call trainers, we use our Kreps to kreep out of our house at night to go out

" Back off, Jasmine" He muttered, then he kind of floated next to me and dropped onto my bed.

"Hey…you" He smiled turning to look at me.

"Hey…you" I replied. I looked down at him trying not to show him my nose holes. I have a bit of a cold and I didn't want any loogers visible.

"I missed you so much, The Eiffel village felt like Walthamstow with French people without you" he whispered, but the whole room heard him and from the little sigh that I faintly Jazz especially.

"But at least Jazzy and I got to try out our French snogging in front of the expert and from the reaction we got I don't think we were there just yet"

We all laughed though I inwardly cringed. It was not info I wanted to know.

"Any fit frenchy girls then in Paris?" Dave muttered sifting through my wardrobe.

"We went nice" He giggled pulling my hand. His hand felt so soft. I thought he may have been more than high I didn't know nice was a place.

"He means niece, but it's spelled like nice" Jazz informed us, pushing back her straight long jet black hair.

"The Eiffel villagers are weird" Dave muttered

"Davey boy, I went to Nice and I couldn't understand a word they were saying then Jazzy started blubbering in villager language and one guy spat at us. She got her verbs or something, Flipping twat ,he was isn't it?" Tom mumbled, then he turned and smiled at me. He even put his head on my lap and put his hand on mine. Mouthing the words "I missed you so much" like a mantra over and over again every time I happened to look down.

"Oh yeah, Jazz and I we have called it a day haven't we?" Tom said. We all turned to look at Jasmine who nodded earnestly. "Eiffel Village is the land of true luurve we had a rabid dog luurve"

rabid dog luurve is what we call a relationship which started to fast and just involved snogging and partying together. No real emotion. Ouch!

"And that is why I would never take my bird on a holiday with me, only a right nutter or married people do it. Like my parents every weekend. I can't 'memba the last time I saw them" He said jokily, we all laughed again. Though only Jazz and I had actually had the pleasure of once seeing the infamous Mr and Mrs groper.

"Well since we are all here let me give out the gifts as they say in Paris. Distribuez les présents which means give out the pressies" She smiled but I could tell something was wrong. Something had gone down in France. Her blue eyes looked sad and teary like she was about to cry while her usually bright face looked gaunt and pale.

"Do they really?" David said taking out the flag T-shirt she had brought him from one of her glossy blue and red bags.

"No, but you know me love to show off me villager skills" Jazz laughed but the laugh sounded fake and plastic. It had been an awkward forced laugh.

"What skills? she order me squid with stuffed goat cheese when I wanted chips bet you she just said I want to set fire to your arse or something like that." He said leaning upwards to whisper into my ear. I giggled and smiled at him. It was then I noticed that Tom's fingers were intertwined with mine. It felt so soft…so right.

"I really really really by 100…" He said holding up all his fingers

"I thought you went to your niece's" Dave said shoving all my clothes and underwear back into my closet. Pervert.

"Shut it and be thankful I brought you that hair gel you wanted" Jazz snarled throwing a jar at his head. Something had gone down and Jazz had ended up the hurt one. I turned back to look at Tom. I may not have mentioned it but Tom is the original heartbreaker/Casanova rolled into one. He never keeps a girlfriend for long and he is always the dumper.

"…missed you" Tom said, and then he leaned over and wrapped his arms around me. Who cares what had gone down, Tom wasn't with Jazz and that's all that matter and now we could all be friends again. Friends? Is that what I really want with Tom?


Tom-Kat and Ness. BBFL-Best friends for life once again. I think its best I keep my infatuation to myself. I kicked the rest of them out of my house and hour ago while Tom had crashed and was all over my bed so I just pushed him aside and now I'm sleeping next to me. I have been studying Tom for the last 15 minutes. Tom isn't your conventional crush. He's too tall , I'm 5'4 while he's a is just 6'0. he's too lanky and skinny. Instead of the average built body of some boys these days like David and his six-pack. Tom was lean all over which in my opinion is better than muscles or beefy podgy Dave. His face is all angles and corners with a slightly large nose. It isn't even straight it has a bit of a bump from being broken and his bottom lip was a bit smaller than It should be. No Tom isn't conventionally handsome, he's spectacularly beautiful.


Sorry about that Tom woke up, he was hungry and bored but he's gone back to sleep now…at home…in his own bed I hope. I miss him, being next to me- with his arm wrapped tightly around my waist. I did try and struggle for some air but he only whined and held closer . he didn't even bother waking up until before. I don't know how it happened but I had been looking at his mouth as we lay down on my bed. when he licked the corners and the cracked dry edges.

"I really missed you, Ness" he had murmured and then he rolled over and closed the gap in between our mouths, slipping his tongue in between my mouth, raking his tongue on my teeth. Then all of a sudden he stopped, got out of my bed and went home.

I am still in shock, My brain is in overload mode. He had repeated that line like a bazillion times tonight but…I never knew he missed me but that's fine with me. At least he had had a sucky time and Jasmine and he broke up. That sounds bad but it's the best for the group.( and me) I am so tired , My eyes feel heavy if I don't watch out I am going to…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.