I wish my life was different

It's hard for me to see

Why all my luck's so faded

Like a tired melody

My horoscope it tells me

A deluge of love will come

But all I feel right now is

Heartless pounding of the sun

It's too hot in this building

And my scalded hands are tied

The same thing happened last time

When my feelings were denied

My chest becomes constricted

And my appetite recedes

My emotions swirl together

Like churning foam upon the seas

But when I am jilted, it is to be taken thus:

I become homicidal as I try to re-adjust

In a dream I had last night in bed

I burst into the store

Pistol in hand I so commanded

Staff to hit the floor

Three bullets flew

One on each side

And just above their heads

Heard his last plea and her request

But both, they wound up dead

The sirens scream sweet victory

I laugh until I cry

I jerk awake, tears on my face

I heave a heavy sigh

My path was clear

My actions just

Though deviant from the norm

And through the hand that madness dealt

My intentions were impure

Now I regret the rage I felt

And longed the the times it'd remained

The long gone, the forever lost

Days I knew that I was sane

I walk today

My heart is cold

As hidden tears I shed

My innocence, along with them

Has since been buried dead