silver bullet

the tears i cry

every single night

are stained with your blood

from the night you died

(he shot you through the head

in one second no guilt no regret)

for what he did

(the bastard)

and the moment you stoped breathing

i became b.r.o.k.e.n

a heart torn apart

from the bare hands

from the man that killed you

with that silver bullet

and are you watching me from your coffin?

six feet under the ground

(there's no n there's no hell)

do you see the scars that have landed on my skin

(taking the razorblade and cutting within)

and i'm choking on thoughts of you every

single day

(the images flash through my head)

they never go away

(remember the rose you gave me on valentines day)

well i remember

and the memories




don't you see.