I told you,
did I not?

Did I not say history would repeat?
(it did)
Did I not whisper 'it'll be okay'?
(& it will again)
Did I not tell you not to pursue this denial?
(but in the heat of the summer night
I'll still be here, sitting by your side)

What is this feeling of

this lack of my

"You always have to be right, you know. You'll never change."
what a discreet way of saying
"I've changed and expect you to change to my liking."

I hate what you became

you hate that I'm the same.

Yet, here we are.
Me still picking you up when you're down,
and you admitting defeat.
Knowing full well
-that within a week,
you'll be back to your newish-old ways.
And I'll still be here
just the same.