The Blue shirt

As I walk into the room

After a long day

(Because it's always long)

I see it

Oversized and laying

Haphazardly on the bedspread

I walk over to it

And bring it to my face

The cotton

Feels soft between my fingertips

So much like your lips

But in an instant it's back to business

I hastily drop my uniform on my floor

And pull the pajama shorts roughly on

Over my legs

Then I finally slip the shirt over my head

I look in the mirror

I now can sit and gaze

At the blue color and trace the outline

Of the words on the shirt

It does not really matter what they are

Because I do not really know

And the blue

Is nothing compared to the blue of

Our eyes

I close my eyes for a moment

And let the smell envelope me

Like a designer cologne, your skin and mine

I let the smell take me to you

The feeling of the blue cotton rests

Against my bare skin

A trifle or a small token

This blue shirt

But it's just like when you're here with me

Those blue eyes

So like mine

Seem to pierce to my very core

But just like this blue shirt

My blue eyes hide what is not yet yours to find

My secrets and my insides

As soon as I'm with you

I hear the phone ring

Now I really am with you

But it is, of course, not the same

So now I hide behind my blue eyes

And my blue shirt as

I pick up the line

"Hey, yeah I'm here.

Yeah. I am wearing your shirt"

You never see how it makes me smile