Ten chimes on the clock.

Time again to reach for the shop's lock.

Tired legs wander off to count the taking,

Tardy hands made stiff with the window suddenly breaking.

Take your senses and go down on the rug,

Tarry, and I will shoot you like a bug.

The shopkeeper stumbled down to the floor,

Thrusting his gun to the keeper he went for the drawer.

Thick laughter escaped as the thief saw the money,

Tormenting the keeper as though it was funny.

Today I will be go home rich!

Time for me to clear this ditch.

The thug buried his greedy hands into the pile.

Thence the keeper decided to turn hostile.

Taking a stool from the ground he flung,

Turning in circles the stool went before it hit the thief's lung.

Threatening thief no more,

The thug was brought to the floor.

Trembling keeper got to his feet,

Twitching with conceit.

Towering over the limp cold,

Timid keeper finally became bold.