Pitch Black

Most people are afraid of the dark. They believe that all sorts of evil monsters emerge and strike terror in the hearts of men. I think it's ridiculous that they make movies out of these fallacies; and all because they're afraid of something that they don't understand.

I'm not afraid of the dark. Seriously, I'm not.

The reason why people are afraid of it is most likely credited to their imagination going on hyper drive.

Personally, I love being in the dark. It opens up countless realms of possibilities. It lets me think of you, most especially. I can feel your presence in the dark. You are the Dark.

That's more than enough of a reason for me to be not afraid.

The only thing that I am afraid of is that time of the day when daylight emerges, signifying the dawning of a new day…and an end to our darkness.

THAT is the sum of all my fears.

I don't want to be faced with reality once morning sets in.

If being in the dark is the only way for us to be together, then so be it.

Someone take out my sight that I may never lay eyes on the world I live in.

I could care less, actually if I go blind. That way it'd be easier.

I'd never have to see something that brings me grief.

Just leave me alone in the world of black. And I'll be happy. Let me wallow in it, lose myself in it.

I never want to be separated from it ever again.

Done: July 31, 2007