"Tragedy. Such a tragedy."
Is that what you want to be remembered as?
The fragile little girl
who broke her fragile little neck.
With her own hand.
With her own snare.
Swinging freely, looking through the glass doors
a stage dive from the 3rd deck.
Let me offer you a shoulder,
Something we can share.
(because when you put your head on my shoulder
mine is right there on yours

I promise to never abandon you.
We can survive -together.
Grow older, grow colder.

Colder to the wicked little world around us,
Warmer to the wonderful ones we love.

Give me your hand,
Step away from the boundary.
Read the mirror written words:

"It'll be okay."

Tomorrow we'll pretend
this never took place,
because best friends are
an astonishing amazing grace.