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I will follow you into the Dark.

One: Jail Break

"Okay, listen to me, Kat," she leans so close to me that I can see the little yellow coffee stains on her teeth. "If you ever want to go out again, you'll help me clean."

I sigh, this is always her argument- that I don't help out and clean as much as I should. I think I am very clean, thank you! Oh, there's also the fact that I'm old enough to get a job yet I don't have one, she's on me for that a lot, too.

"Yeah, Mom, seriously, you're always telling me to do this or to do that, and most of the time I do it!" I know she's debating with me already in her head, I don't care. "Why can't I go out now? I'm serious; I'm only going to Autumn's house for a while."

"You didn't do what I told you to do, that's why."

"Ohm' gosh!" I sigh under my breath; she gives me this awful, stop-being-such-a-brat kind of look. I didn't mean for her to hear it. "Have you forgotten that I do a heck of a lot more for you than that mound you happen to be married to? All he does is sit around drinking and cook fattening dinners. Or, what about that thing that happens to be my brother? He's practically an ape! There are only two things that separate him from being one; he can speak and he has opposable thumbs, although he only uses those for video games!" I don't even know where I'm going with this; I just had to get it out. "All I'm saying; I do a lot more than them!"

"Yes, I know that, Kat. Don't sass me; just do what I tell you." Little bits of spit fly out and land on my face. I wipe them away and give her a completely grossed out look.

"It's not like I ask to go out a lot, Mom! I'm practically grounded by myself twenty-four seven!" I know I'm being maybe just a bit over dramatic here, but it's not a bad thing to have good acting skills. "Why can't I go out tonight? My room's pretty clean; I did most of my laundry-"

"That's what I mean, Kat! You did 'most of your laundry.' You left dirty clothes all over the laundry room floor, and you do that a lot! You're so annoying!"

"So, what, you're pointing out my flaws now?" I could go farther and point out a few things about her, such as the fact that her fat is bulging under that t-shirt she thinks looks good under her office jacket or how she always drags on an argument and accuses other people of doing just that.

"You want me to point out your flaws?" Can you not imagine her turning into that wicked witch from The Wizard of Oz right now?

"Chill, Mom! I'll clean them up!"

"Yeah, when?"

"Whenever you want me to! I'll do it whenever-"

"Well, how about now? Or why couldn't you have done it before I got home from work? You've been home all goddamn day!"


"Stop sassing me!"

"I'm not "sassing" you!"

"Kat, lose the attitude and stop back-talking me!"

"What attitude?"

By now I'm completely pissed at her. My voice is doing that whiny, spoiled brat thing that I hate, possibly the only thing my mother and I agree on. I don't even know what I'm doing wrong in her eyes, I'm just annoyed and its getting stronger the more that bitch won't shut up.

"It's that attitude, Katherine!"

"I don't have any attitude!"

"Yes, you do."

I know we could keep doing this "yes/no" thing forever so I figure I better either shut up or do something to make her shut up. The second one seems much more logical to me, don't you think?

"Whatever. I don't give a fuck what you think." I turn away from her.

"Excuse me, young lady! What did you just say!?"

"I said "I-don't-give-a-fuck-what-you-think." I say it really slowly with just enough of that tone she loves.

"That's it, Katherine, you're grounded!"

"Like that matters to me. Did you not hear what I said about me spending most of my time inside the house anyways?"

"Get up stairs; I don't want to see your face down here for the rest of the night."

"Agreed. But let's change it from "me" to you and from "night" to life, 'kay?" It wouldn't be stupid to think I'm not going to get smacked now, would it?

"That's it! Get up stairs!" Suddenly my backside is burning. I guess I spoke too soon.

Ignoring my mother's threats about what will happen if I'm caught on the computer or phone or anything like that- it doesn't really truly matter to me- I go up the stairs in my usual manner, skipping every other step, and go into my room. There, I flop down onto the bed and stare at the little pictures that you can find in the little white bumps that poke out from the ceiling.

My cell phone starts ringing and I jump up to find it. The previous day I had it in my bag but I think I took it out and left it on the floor.

I pick it up once I find it.

New Message It flashes.

I open it.

heey kat can u come? were waiting

You have to love text message talk.

no i cant sry moms being a betch

Pressing send, I lay back down on my bed.

Autumn replies within the next two minutes. aw u serious? u cant hang out?

Of course not, Autumn, you stupid, level headed…

no it sucks i kno say hi 2 alex 4 me

She replies within two minutes again. kk sry bout ur mom bye!

I don't bother replying to this, it's not as if I have anything to say. I'm not mad, though. Maybe I am a little annoyed at my mother, though. Well okay, more than a little annoyed, but it doesn't matter. I sit back down on my bed and pull out my iPod and copy of the fifth Harry Potter book. I love that one.

I wait for the noise downstairs, mostly consisting of my mother slamming cupboard doors and grumbling at something or another, to die down. The best thing about having a room right above the garage is that it leads out onto the roof. Easy access, if you get where I'm coming from.

I get onto of the roof and shimmy off the side where Mom could only see me if she were standing in the side of the neighbours' yard, and I leap onto the fence. From there I jump onto the grass and can make a break for it. That took a little getting used to but now I can do it almost with my eyes closed. Almost.

"Kat!" Autumn cries as she opens the door. "You're mom let you come over?"

I stand there, not sure what to say. She's very much a goodie-goodie, even compared to my usual standard self, so I can't let her know I snuck out… again.

"Kat?" she eyes me, "You're mom let you come over, didn't she?"

I look up at her, mostly because of the three inch difference, not saying anything.

"Oh, Kat!" She whines.

"Autumn, please don't tell! Can we just pretend I am allowed over here?"

"Yeah I suppose so, but I don't want you getting in trouble-"

"You won't, I won't. I promise. I have my cell phone, anyways, so if they figure out I'm missing I'll take the call and go home so I can be murdered, okay? I won't even mention you. You're parents don't have to find out, either."

She glares at me, her arms folded up at her chest.

"Oh, fine, you win. Come on in." She steps back and let's me into the mirrored foyer.

"Merci!" I smile at her.

"Mom?" Autumn shouts as I kick off my shoes and follow her to the stairs, "Kat's here now!"

"I thought you said she wasn't coming anymore?"

"My mom changed her mind after I helped with dinner!" I lied to her. Autumn shot me another look.

"Oh, okay. Is Alex here?"

"Yeah, Mom, he's upstairs." Autumn says.

I love Autumn's room. It's got pink walls and soft pink carpet and even her bed is a shade of light pink but her furniture and From First to Last poster's brighten it up and make this room awesome. It's way better than mine, anyways.

"Hey!" Alex greets me from the computer.

"Hey." I reply, trying not to seem like I just snuck out of my house.

I sit down on Autumn's bed and we spend the next forty minutes here and until Alex states that "we're boring."

"I have an idea." Autumn says, a sly look growing on her face.

"Well you already said no to Guitar Hero II," Alex muses, "So I've got no idea what it is."

Autumn rolls her eyes. "Duh. Let's play truth or dare!"

"Not going first!" they shout at the same time.

"Kat…" Autumn eyes me.

"Ah, fine." I pretend to pout. "Autumn, truth or dare?"


"Would you rather… um… break up with Matt or have him break up with you?"

"Ouch." Alex says.

"What?" her face looks shocked.

"You gotta choose one." Alex grins.

"Fine. I guess break up with him? I don't know!" She buries her face into a pillow.

I laugh a little bit, "Its okay, Autumn. Sorry, I guess that was kind of harsh."

"You're turn." Alex says to her as she brings her head back up.

"'Kay, um, Alex, truth or dare?"


"Um…I dare you to let us put make up on you!"

"No way!" he jumps backwards off onto his knees.

"Aw, c'mon, Alex, it'll be fun!" I whine.

"No way! Absolutely not!" he tries to shield himself with one of the pink pillows that lay on Autumn's bed.

"Just a little bit of lipstick? Pwease Alex?" I say, pretending to mope.

"No way! I don't want any of that shit touching my face!"

Autumn and I start to laugh.

"You have to go it, Alex, I dared you!" She says to him.

"No! Pick something else."

"Ugh, fine."

We wait for a minute until Autumn announces she can't think of anything. Alex smiles now that it's his turn and he got out of wearing make up yet another time.

"Okay, Alex, choose someone." She says.

"Kat, truth? Or dare?"

"I love how dramatic you get!"

"Kat, just pick one!"

"Oh, fine, but I know what you guys are going to ask. I pick truth."

They look at each other. "Who do you like?"

"You guys! Seriously, you know already!"

"We've only guessed! You haven't really told us who he is yet!" Autumn pouts.

"Who do you think?" I cross my arms over my chest, something that has become quite a habit for me since I started filling a B cup.

"I think it is Teal, but you haven't told us yet!"

"Autumn -"

"Jesus, Kat, stop making excuses and tell us. We're your friends!"

"Oh, fine." I lean against the metal footboard. "I do like him. Happy?"

"I knew it." She smiles.

Alex is just sort of sitting there but I don't really care. It would be weird if he was obsessing like Autumn over what guys I did or didn't like.

"Okay, you know I like him now. Is it my turn yet?" I look away trying to hide my smile.

"No…" she says. "Just wait a minute."

I look at her suspiciously.

"What would you say if he asked you out?"

"Autumn!" I throw a pillow at her.

"Would you say yes?" She playfully throws it back.

"I dun no." I squeak. "I'd be awkward."

"But if he did, without any awkwardness, would you say yes?"

"Autumn, seriously, I'm not like you around guys. I'm awkward! I wouldn't know what to say!" I protest helplessly. She's got me cornered and I know I'll have to answer sooner or later.

"You're friends with me, though." Alex says.

"Yeah, we're friends. I don't like you like you."

"Well if you're comfortable around Alex why don't we just pretend he's Teal and have we'll have him pretend to ask you out?" Autumn suggests, a smile stretched all across her face.

"What?" I begin to object.

But we suddenly get interrupted. "Autumn," shouts her mom, "It's almost 8:30. Just be aware."

"Oh, okay Mom." She shouts back.

"I should probably get home before it's too dark to climb up the garage." I joke.

"Why don't you just use the front door?" Alex asks, a little confused.

I fall back laughing but Autumn just stares at me.

"She snuck out, Alex. Her parents don't know she's here."

"Oh!" He gasps, finally feeling included. "You snuck out!?"

"What? Like it's a crime?" I snicker.

"No, but I just never really thought you would do something like that."

"People change, Alex. I guess I should go before it gets to dark."

"Same goes for me." He agrees.

They follow me down to the front door and Alex goes out to get his bike.

"I hope you know coming here was really stupid, Kat. I hope next time you're allowed."

"Okay, okay, I'm really sorry. I won't do it again. I just wanted to come over; I haven't seen you guys in a week!"

"Okay, just be smart next time!"

"I will. I promise." We hug and say goodbye and I go out into the front yard where Alex is on his bike.

"So you snuck out?" He asks, awkwardly walking his bike beside me.

"Yeah, stupid I know. At least I'm not in trouble."

"…yet." He finishes. "Your mom is a real bitch, no offence."

"None taken. I know she is. Why do you think I snuck out in the first place? It wasn't because the front door was blocked."

"Ha, yeah. Your jokes are really cheesy, you know."

"I know!" I smile.

"Okay, I'll see ya." Alex says, getting onto his bike as we reach my street. "Good luck with Teal!"

"Hey!" I shout after him as he speeds away, then realizing that wasn't very smart considering my house is the third one in. I walk up to the fence and jump up onto it. This part's harder and a little noisier too. I'm hoping that no body realized I was gone either; otherwise I seriously would be dead meat.