Chapter Four: The New Boy

"Oh, Miss McPherson, why aren't you in class?" Mr Rice asks. He doesn't seem too worried though.

"Oh, uh, I…" I stammer. It would help if I had a reason. "It's just one of those days, sir." I say, dropping my head. "I'm trying to hurry to get there now."

"What's your next class?" he asks me, like he could care less that I'm practically loitering out in the hallway.

"Um, geography with Mr Watson." I say, finally glad that I've got my schedule memorized.

"Hmm, I think that'll work. Isn't that the same for you, Mr Austin?" he eyes the boy's schedule, balanced between many books and papers.

"Uh, yeah, it's geography." He has a weak, but deep voice. I don't really think it suits him, though. He's still too scraggily and under toned, not quite a man yet. although, he is very tall with quite broad shoulders.

"Perfect. I'll write you two up an excuse note and that way Mr Watson- we all know how he can be- won't give you detention." It seems there is almost a hint of relief in his voice.

"Um, what, sir?" I say, a little confused as he pulls out a blank piece of note paper from the boy's pile.

"Oh, yes, I guess I'm forgetting something. Ho-ho." He laughs, scratching the tip of his moustache with his pen. "Mr Austin is new to the school, he just transferred here from, um, where exactly, Mr Austin?"

"Saskatoon." The boy mumbles.

"Exactly," Beams the elderly man. "So, therefore he will need someone to show him around the school, get to know things a bit. And since you happen to be in the same class, you're a perfect candidate for the job, Miss McPherson." He scribbles down the note to Mr Watson and hands it to me. Joy, he's just pawned the skinny giant off on me. "I trust you'll handle everything fine." He smiles at me, than at the tall boy beside him before turning away from us and walking down the corridor.

We stood stand still for a moment, watching the now non-visible vice-principle. I look up at the boy; he is very tall compared to my glorious five foot four inches. I'll say he's a least five eleven, possibly six feet. Suddenly, the boy is looking down at me.

"Erm," I mumble. "My name's Kat." I say, not bothering to hold out my hand like I notice the boy expects. He passes his hand down his leg to try and excuse the gesture.

"Rob." He says, not smiling either.

"Right, so, um, welcome to Bay Mouth High. It's not glorious, rather dingy in my opinion, but what can you get for a one hundred and thirteen year old school, right?" He gives no hint of interesting, "So, um, we should be going I guess." I fold my arms over my books and start walking. The boy, or Rob, follows me.

I walk a little fast, which probably wasn't a good idea for Rob, he seems a little disoriented. I don't care, it's not like I asked to be stuck with this new kid. I'll put up with it though, especially if it means not getting in trouble from the lovely Mr Watson.

"So… this is the South Corridor." I say, feeling much like a tour guide. "It's actually the front of the school, even though it's the south." Rob nods, still looking confused. "You'll find it's the quickest way to most places, like the cafeteria, gym or just stairwells, but it's also the busiest."

I look at him. "Okay." He mutters. I wonder, and I'm quite sure of this assumption too, if Rob is shy.

"So, uh, this is the main stair way, also gets pretty busy, but it'll probably be easier for you to stick to this route for a while. Otherwise, you risk getting lost. Not cool." I'm seriously trying to be helpful and the kid looks bored. Why am I going out of the way for him again? Oh yes, Mr Watson.

"Okay." He says again.

"Right, so, uh, this way." I say, going off to my right. Rob follows closely.

"Well," I say as I reach Mr Watson's door, "Here we are; lovely, lovely geo." I cross my eyes and pretend to gag.

Rob smirks.

I open the door and am greeted by Mr Watson's bright, electric blue eyes- almost evil looking because they appear that cold- and the curious eyes of my fifteen other class mates.

"Ah, nice of you to join us, Miss McPherson," Creepy, creepy eyeballs! "Oh, I see you've brought a friend." Mr Watson leers, obviously not welcoming Rob as much as Mr Rice had. "And who's this?"

"This-" I begin. The class' eyes switch from me to Rob.

"I'm Robert Austin." He says, his voice still weak but he's put on a brave face.

"Good to meet you, Robert." The petulant little man says. "I presume you are new to our school?"

"Yes, sir." Rob says, still keeping his brave face under Mr Watson's burning eyes.

"Well, don't just stand there, then, go take a seat." He ushers Rob away with his left hand, meanwhile looking down at the attendance list. His fierce eyes flash to me. "Well, Miss McPherson, I hope you have a good reason for showing up to my class," he glances at his watch- I'm almost surprised it doesn't melt, "eight minutes late?"

I stand there for an instant, dumbfounded, before remembering the note Mr Rice wrote me, safely crumpled in my hand. "Uh, yes sir." I hand him the note, a little moist from my palms. "Mr Rice had me show Rob-ert, to class." I stumble on his name.

"I see. It's interesting why he chose you. Well, whatsoever, you're excused this time. But if you're late again, and I don't care if you were showing the Cirque du Soleil around the school, you'll be in detention." His eyes are locked on me. I nod and quickly scurry off, feeling quite nervous, to my seat beside Rob. I smile at him, probably pinked cheeked, and sit down.

To my surprise, he smiles back. "Thanks." He says. I'm a little shocked, so I just nod. "I was wondering, well, um, if you could show me to my next class after this." I normally would've said no, but his soft green eyes were pleading with me.

"Yeah, sure." I say, pulling my lips upward in a soft smile.

The lesson goes by fairly quickly, although I'm not really paying attention to Mr Watson. His voice lulls over the class, a pathetic noise no one really cares about, while explaining something on the militia of Indonesia or something. I don't really know, nor do I care. Wouldn't it be better if teachers actually could make a lesson interesting? You don't find many of those, now, not since the end of elementary school, anyways.

I do have one teacher who's quite nice, Ms. Royce. She teaches art to the sophomores and to the juniors. Every class we go into her little art studio- we're usually all in a bad mood from the horrible teachers at this school- and she turns us all into smiles with her stupid wise cracks and cute little jokes. She's one of those people anyone would find it impossible to dislike, and she likes everyone back. That's what I love about her, not to mention she's a great artist.

Then there's Mr Copland, English Lit. He's just out of university, maybe five years tops, but he's a really good teacher. You don't find maybe new teachers who are able to teach seniors. He's pretty cool though, a little stern about homework but he makes class fun with interesting assignments and we sometimes do drama while reading things like Shakespeare. He's easy to the kids that do their best, hard on the ones who slack. I think that's why the other teachers like him so much, but I think Ms Royce especially. She's contently smiling at him or popping into his classroom unexpected. But he was the one who bought her flowers last Valentines day.

I can just see them getting married, her in a perfectly white wedding dress, her crimson air flowing down her back, him in the perfect tux, his champagne curls brushed neatly on his head. I've imagined they'd have a winter wedding; they seem like the short to go half traditional, half not. The ceremony would be in doors but the pictures would be taken in a perfectly white and soft winter wonderland.

There would be an enormous party afterwards, with cake and cherries and sparkling juices- they don't look like the kind who drink to me. It wouldn't be Christmas themed, but gold and red would out line as decorations. When they would have their first dance as husband and wife, the lights would go low, sparkles would shoot off around the band and they would waltz out onto the dance floor, her dress flowing all around them as graceful as a dove.

Suddenly, it hits me. It may be Mr Copland and Ms Royce in the wedding attire, but it's not truly their wedding. This is what I want for my wedding- The perfect wedding. But I can't see me getting married, the girl who hasn't ever had a boyfriend! And I don't want kids, so a wedding would almost be pointless. Why do I want this so badly then?

"Um, Kat?" I feel my shoulder lurch to the right.

"Huh?" I blink.

"Kat, class is over. You promised to show me to my next class." Rob is standing above me, all six feet of him, a puzzled look on his face. I really shouldn't day dream so much.

"How tall are you, anyway?" I say, not thinking.

Rob raises an eyebrow. "Um, six foot one." He says, almost a question like tone to his bass-like voice.

"Really?" I say with a huff and stand up. "Well, where to now? What's your next class?"

"Hum…" He looks at his chart. "Biology, with Mr Green- wow, that's ironic, Green for Biology."

My thoughts exactly, "Hmm, yes," I mumble. "That's my next class, too. C'mon, let's go." I leave without another look at him.

Author's Note: I kind of like this chapter, kind of don't. Do you? I mean, we're sort of getting to know Kat better now, at first I thought she was more quiet like me, now I'm thinking that's not exactly how it is. And Rob, seems interesting, to me anyways. But he's definately not going to be a minor character for long. Once again, sorry for any errors, like I said before, I was in a rush to post these. I might upload chapter five today or tomorrow but hopefully before school starts. Anyways, thanks if you like it, no worries if you don't, I'd still like to know what you think.