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That's right. Anyhow, enjoy the story!

Kara entered the dance hall, feeling like a fool. It was their school's Halloween dance. They were supposed to dress up.

Kara had decided to be a cat. She'd put on a crazy amount of eyeliner, black shorts, legwarmers and armwarmers, and a painted shirt. She tied a tail around her waist, and figured there would be freakier things. Right?

Wrong. This is high school. No one dresses up anymore, are you kidding?


So, Kara wasn't completely socially there. She had friends. Kind of. Whatever, not the point.

So, she walks in, and everyone stares at her like a freak.

That's actually a complete exaggeration, only six people did. Everyone was too busy having dry-sex on the dance floor.


So, Kara slinked over to the corner and spent the night trying to ignore the bad music. Until a good song came on. And he walked by.

Here comes the cold

Break out the winter clothes

And find a love to call your own.

Kara's eyes widened. What? They're playing John Mayer at a dance? What happened to bad rap music, you know? Slap dem bitches, ho?


Enter you…

Your cheeks are shaded pink

And the rest of you in powder blue.

Guess who? That's right, Ben Farley walked by. He wasn't popular, especially. Well, he was Kara's only friend. She smiled and waved at him. He was wearing a light blue suit, and his cheeks were flushed from being inside the gym. Kara's were too, but you couldn't tell. She had too much grease paint on. He sat down next to her. She closed her eyes for a second and listened to the music.

Who knows?

What will be?

But I'll make you this guarantee. See,

No way November will see our good-bye,

When it comes to December, it's obvious why.

No one wants to be alone at Christmas time.

She mouthed the words to the music, and opened her eyes. Jake Oakley, the most popular, most supernaturally attractive guy on campus was smiling at her. She smiled back and stood up.

In the dark,

On the phone.

You tell me the names of your brothers

And your favorite colors

I'm learning you.

He smiled, took her hand, and led her too the middle of the clump of swaying bodies. He wrapped his arms around her, and she wrapped her hands around his neck. Oh my god, the most popular guy in school wanted me to dance with him. She was careful not to put her face on Jake's shirt. Her grease-paint would get his shirt dirty.

Well, it snows again.

She felt something changing. His hands were moving up her back. She felt one of them under her breasts. She looked up and he crashed his lips against hers. She could taste liquor on his tongue as it invaded her mouth.

We'll take a walk outside

And search the sky, like children do

I'll say to you.

She tried to push him off, but he had a tight hold on her. People were murmuring around her. Kara looked around frantically for help, but caught only looks of disgust and envy.

No way November will see our good-bye.

When it comes to December, it's obvious why.

No one wants to be alone at Christmas time.

She pushed him hard, and slapped him across the face. She felt the people looking at her. What would Ben think? She tried to run for the door, but as she got to the entrance, Ben caught her wrist.

And come January we're frozen inside,

Making new resolutions a hundred times.

February, won't you be my Valentine?

She looked at him, her eyes brimming with tears.

"Ben," she began.

"Kara, what happened in there?"

"Ben… I have to go." She turned and started down the steps.

"Kara! Wait!"

And she ran, her heels clacking under her, all the way back to her house that was a mile and a half away, tears smearing her perfect makeup. She never looked back.

And if our always is all that we gave,

And we someday take that away

I'll be alright if it was just 'till St. Patrick's Day.