A Different World

By Lerene

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The wind blow sand and weeds around in what 300 years ago used to be a very popular town. Now it was nothing. Building were now crumpled on the ground. Here and there a wall may still stand. The road no longer existed. Rust skeleton of the cars were spread around in some area. The town has long been dead. The reason the town look thus was do to bombing and gassing that happened hundred of years ago. A true World War, where every country attacked each other . The result was the end of the world. The human population almost become extinct. Not very many survived. Where there used to be hundreds of different races, there now was only a small handful.

The sound of humming cared on the wind. The sound was coming from the voice of a five-year-old girl. She was a little thing with blondish hair and brown innocent eyes. She was post to stay with her older brothers where it was safe, but she got bored of them ignoring her. So she wondered off by herself to look for treasure. Treasure to a five-year-old being anything she could play with. She swung her teddy bear as she walked. She knew it was dangerous to be on her own, but she didn't completely understand exactly how dangerous.

The little girl continued to sing and skip as she wondered around. Every-so-often something would ketch her eye, so she would go over to see what it was.

Then the sound of a strange animal caused the girl to freeze. She hugged her ratty teddy bear close to her chest hoping that the animal wasn't a mean one. But if her father taught her anything, it was that animals were dangerous and her young eyes have seen exactly how dangerous that was. The next sound the animal made let her know that it was a Warhound. Warhound ate people, they ate anything. They also loved to tease their pray making them think they were safe. They were smart, human smart. It looked like a wolf, but much bigger and it was thin. It legs were long sticks, but it was able shift it's bones around to allow it to do certain things. It was the top of the food chain. Well that's a lie, two more creators are scarier than they are, but people rarely saw them. Those creators were only found in certain area, so human avoided those areas. Warhounds are found everywhere.

Tears streaked down the girls dirty cheeks as she relies the trouble she was in and that her father and brothers weren't there to save her. Slowly she moved her eyes around to see if there was anywhere safe to hide. A whimper escaped her mouth as she heard the warhound cracking its bones as it changed them to allow it to run fast. She had no hope of out running it.

Screams left her lips as she was grabbed and ripped into the air. She cried for her life. She cried for her family. She was so young, she wasn't ready for death.

Below her a sound of pain could be heard from the warhound which caused the girl to stop screaming. She opened her eyes to see that she was in the air being held by strong tan arms. She slyly looked over her shoulder and caught sight of blue black wings. 'A Warrior,' she thought with wonder. She was saved by a warrior. A warrior was a breed of human that evolved with wings. Their much stronger than the average human and grow to be six feet plus. Never before has she seen a warrior, in fact your lucky if you seen one. She looked down to the ground and caught sight of two more male warriors with light wings. At their feet was the dead warhound.

She squeaked when the warrior shifted and began flying away.

"It's alright little one," the warrior said in a deep male voice.

Realizing that she was safe the girl giggled and throw her arms wide acting like she was the one with the wings. Flying was so much fun. It was freedom. She was having so much fun that her grip on her bear loosen, so the wind was able to take it away from her. "Teddy," she yelled trying to reach for the falling bear, but the man held tight to her. "Teddy," she cried.

Her bear fell in the dirt, but it didn't stay there long. A young winged person picked it up and shot into the air toward them. When the boy came close the girl throw her arms out to take the bear, but he didn't give it to her. "I'll hold it until my father gets you back on the ground, okay?" the boy said. "So you don't drop it again."

"Okay." The girl stopped starring at her bear to look at the boy. He had bright green eyes with streaks of yellow in them and long black hair he had tied back with a string. Like the man holding her, the boy had blue black wings. Pretty wings.

They flow for only a short time longer until they landed on a cliff. They being the man who saved her and his son. All the other warriors flow down the cliff wall to the ground. The man placed her on the ground and knelt in front of her. "Are you alright," he asked her. His green eyes, same as his son's except the yellow, looked into her's.

"I...I'm...okay," she stammered. Now that she was on the ground she felt nervous talking to the warrior. She smiled at the boy when he gave her back her bear. The boy smiled back at her, then back up and began to fidget with his large wings.

The man shook his head at his son's behavior, then turned his attention back to the girl. "What's your name sweetheart?" When she gave him an unsure look he said, "I'm not going to harm you. Your safe with me. My name is Williams and this is my son Derek." Derek shyly waved the feather he accidentally pulled out of his wings. Will frown when he noticed that.


"Hi Jaz," William said with a smile. "Is that short for Jasmine?"

"Yes," she said nodding her head.


Jasmine jumped into the air at the sound of another warrior landing on the cliff by them. He was a lot older than William and had charcoal wings. He also looked very intimating. "What took you and your flock so long to get back?" The man's eyes narrowed when they spotted her.

William stood up and pushed Jaz behind him. "We spotted a few Warhounds on our way back."

"What is the lost of a young human?" The word human was said with hatred.

Derek grabbed Jaz's shoulders and moved her closer to him. She looked up at him, then back to William's rigged back. He looked very angry. Angry adults were scary.

"Our job is to protect the humans," William's voice bearly gave away the anger he felt.

The man smiled an evil smile. "Your love for the race will be the end of you."

William's eyes narrow to that. "Then I'll make sure to watch my back."

"Humph." The guy turn away, then over his shoulder he added, "She doesn't belong here. Take her away." He said it in a bored tone, letting everyone know that he didn't care what happened to the girl. Then the guy flow away.

"Bye, yeah old fart," Derek said under his breath.

"Make sure you never say that anywhere near Hal," William turning back to the children. He took a deep breath filling his lean muscular chest with air to calm his nerves. He couldn't stand Hal, but he had to respect those racked above him. Even though said person was a lazy butt, who seem to forget what their job was. To protect the humans left in this wild world. "I guess I should get you back to your camp."

"I guess," Jaz said kicking her toes.

"Derek why don't you go find your friends?"

Derek looked up at his father with a confused look. "I can't go?"

"I'm sure your friends are wondering where you are." William smiled at his pouting son. "And I'm sure you don't want to hang with your old man and a five-year-old. You are just a few months away from being a teen."

"I don't mind." Derek said with a shrug.

"That's good to hear, but I can handle things from here."

"Oh alright." Derek began to run to the end of the cliff, but turned around. "I forget. See you Jaz and make sure you hold on to that bear because I won't be there to ketch it for you." Derek then jumped off the cliff and glided down to the bottom where the other warriors where.

Jaz said bye to him, then went with William to her camp. She wondered if she would never see them again.

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Story is copyrighted to Lerene. No reposting what so ever!