Today is nice. Its one of those days where the sun is out, there is just the right amount of clouds in the sky, and the air feels nice on my skin. I walk along the crumbling road with my favorite flowers in my hand, freshly picked dasies with the roots still attached. And I'm so happy inside, but empty too.

Yesterday I went to the mall and bought some clothes. Cute Dresses, plastic pearls, skirts, high heeled shoes. In a swarm of Hollister and Hot Topic I felt the same. I'm my black ballet flats, and my simple pink baby doll dress. I didn't catch the eye of that tall brown haired guy with a Saosin T-shirt, but I got a few glares though from the skinny blonde haired blue eyed girls in Gap who obviously making laugh of my not so clear face. No makeup for me. Just that slight sheen i get on my nose and the few zits on my left cheek. I ignored them and put the blue sweater that obviously wouldn't fit me back.

I walked home.

Back to now. I look around me and take in the sight. Everything typical about my life fades of and I'm just this soul with no friends. Wandering around aimlessly feeling lustful for that one true love, that one true friend, that one true reason for smiling in the morning. I have in my hand a daisy for every hope, dream, and fear. Every one that lead me to this point. Mindless and pointless garb that i could care less about (but get told anyway) floats behind me like erie footsteps. I am nervous but brave.

Here's to my parents who fight and yell, then play happy lovey dovey lovers in front of me.

To my old friends back home who don't care for me anymore.

To the new ones who just don't get me.

To my fat ugly body, in which i accept lovingly.

To my brother who I can't wait to grow up and move out of my life.

And last, to the old little pot of dirt on the side of my house. I grab two large fist fulls of soil and set them on the ground. I then replant the dasies with care and replace the soil in the pot.

Because nobody should care for dead flowers.