"I am the ground zero ex-friend you ordered,
disguised as a hero to get past your borders
-"Truce" The Dresden Dolls-

I watched you blonde, long and carefree, flighty
recklessness carefully disguising your pain.

I saw you strawberry blonde, that orangey
red from too many chemicals, hesitant to let
me in, but curiosity gave you a chance.

I wrecked you, light brown, unable to discern
true feelings from the emotional torment
choking me, force fed bullshit for too long.

Light brown, you disappeared for awhile.

I found you again, auburn and struggling
alone to bring life to the rest of the world-
I apologized for past grievances, picked
you up, and carried you around-

Auburn, you settled down, started taking
steps to put yourself back together-

Auburn, you disappeared again.

Cranberry red brought you back into my life-
new start, new home, new turmoil brewing.
I introduced you to my better half-
trouble between us; you took her side.

Cranberry, short hiatus.

Back again, dark brown, the guise of brunette
smarts leading you to where we are now-

Me: single, crying alone, changing into
something better amid the pain

You: your life, another, disappointing me
more than I ever thought you could.

Something whispers among the trees that
you're absence is 'for good' this time;
honestly, I couldn't be more relieved.

Too much here-
-gone again-

Too many different colored halos.

Too much give and no take.

No, I'm not sorry to see you go.

Sad, that we're at an end of an era,
but not sorry.

Take your medieval man and your broken
pieces; take all the stolen moments
between us, and all the past regrets;
take your 'feelings,' poorly hidden,
un-discussed, and walk straight down
the road that is the rest of your life.

I'll wave at you, from a distance, offer
trite words of encouragement or a half-
tilted ear if need be, but don't attempt
to call me friend; I'm way too tired
to play that hand.

Old acquaintance fits me better-
less of a gamble.