Whenever I close me eyes,
I see her. Auburn hair
glowing in the sun, catching
rays of light, twisting them
around, glistening like fine
jewels or cheap glass.
And those eyes, oh her eyes,
bright blue green eyes
staring, winking, laughing
...at me. I am too scared
to think, to move, to speak
lest my secret thoughts be known.
I want her for mine... again.
Once wasn't enough; I hurt,
damaged, bruised, broke, shattered
pieces of her and us and me
for the forbidden and pseudo
love of a diseased memory.
Given the power to change time,
knowing all I now know,
I'd take the chance and lose all
that I'm desperately clinging
to today. I am here. This is now.
I am ready; I am too late.
With frailty and shreds of
lost romance blossoming inside
her, I step back and let them
grow in peace, offering only a
friendly hand of love. Alone,
I hear the incessant nagging plea
of my own personal demon and
master; I yield to her command,
leaving the dream of blue-green
eyes and shining auburn hair to
rest as I assume the position
beneath my demon lover's chains.
No matter the distance, no
matter the time and the place,
I will always be here my blue-
green eyed goddess, my auburn
haired beauty, my secret dream,
my best friend; I love you still.