sweet talker

and he's such a sweet talker
telling her she's beautiful
until she's blushing three shades of red
and whispering words she never said
her lips connect with his
and she's on his bed
doing things she never did
his hands placed
firmly around
her hips
(& she's such a sucker
for a sweet talker)
he's feeding her lies
and she's eating them
like sugar coated candy
(make a full facotory
for the lies he feeds)
she'll always believe
even when he leaves
(leave her with the gun
pushed to her head)
guns go bangbang
and she's dead

& she such a sucker
for the heartbreaker(s)

a/n. reviews would be nice & appercated. :) also the line 'she's sust a sucker for a sweet talker' are from taking back sunday's cute without the e (cut from the team). the inspiration for the poem was the song.