Smoky Eyes

High heel footsteps clank against the 7th floor rooftop.
She makes her way to one of the edges and stares down at the street below her.
The urge takes over. She pulls a single smoke out of her pocket and searches for a lighter.
"Found it." she whispers as she holds the small flame up to the end. She puts it up to her lips leaving a faded red ring.
"Someday I'll quit." she says to herself shutting her eyes.
"Its a bad habit to have." A soft voice enters her ears forcing her eyes open in suprise not so much that hes there but that his voice felt as if it had penatrated her chest and dug its claws into her heart.
She doesnt turn around, just slowly closes her eyes once more. The tears form in the corners and start to role down her cheek.
A new urge takes control of her body as they sting in her eyes.
"...I've had worse" she finally replies
Unconditionally Yours