dark angel

& she's just a creation
of human madness
a machine
used for darker purposes

dark black wings
grow from her back
(she's the angel
born from hell)
she's the devil herself

no hesitation
just take the guns
& shoot
until no ones
left standing
(she's the result
of human anger)
taken right from the
pits of hell, itself

she's smile the
sadistic (devilish) smile
black coated fingernail
digging into the flesh
until blood soaks the floor
& they're all dead

(the creation of human hatered
the result of mad scientist)

she's the one with
the eyes of death
taking the rope
& connecting it to their neck
until they choke
and no ones left

she's the one with the
ice cold (tattered) heart
soaking in darkness
of the past she's never had
(just a monster
the creation of madness)

she's the one with no guilt, no regret
taking the knives
& stabbing their chest
blook soaking her hands
(no guilt, no regret)

she's the one that smiles
for the deeds she's done
for no one has helped her
through her time of need
(a need of human mockary)

& she's the one
diging their graves
pushing them in
till they're six feet under
(push them off
the highest cliff)

a/n. i'm not sure why i wrote this. i was bored i guess. hope you liked it review please :)