fairy tale endings

& she dosn't live the life
ending with happily ever after
and she dosn't have
her prince charming
stealing her heart
from her chest
& placing a smile
onto her chapped lips

she's got the life
filled with past lies
& bruised bodies
and bleeding scars
(take the knife
& draw out your life)

she's got the the lost dad
& the dead mom
and fake friends
who couldn't care less
and those that did
are now dead

she's has the street life
feeding off the garbage
& begging on her life
crimson tears rolling from her eyes
she can't stand this life

but theres nothing she can do
life isn't a fairy tale
it plain devastating reality
& it'll never go away
(only in death will you feel it fade)
but she's not a coward
she will not die
in the deadly form of suicide
(she'll remain
& take the pain)