Hello readers of Adopted Mafia;
I guess you have noticed that most, well mainly all, of the story is gone. Tee Hee. I have removed it because I am rewriting it right now. I'm actually really excited to be rewriting it. But it's not just because I'm gonna be working on one of my favorite stories. It's also because I have a sequel and a tri-quel after it. I'm not sure if that is the right word, though, for the third book in the series, I mean.

If you guys would like to help me with this. Tell me what you would like to see in the story. You can email me - or . But put in the subject Adopted Mafia, so i don't just overpass it thinking it's junk mail. NO OFFENSE! I just get a lot. It's a little annoying. OR you can contact me on my home page. Leave a message in the guestbook. OR EVEN, message me on my livejournal.

I'm going to go through my reviews to see what you guys have already offered. And no worries, you guys aren't writing my novel. I am writing it and i have some big plans up ahead. I'm really psyched.

My main goal:

Work on Payton and her personality.

Slow down the accusations that Tony pulls out of thin air.

Make the sabotage and such, more suspicious.

Add a little more spice.

I hope you guys enjoy! I'll have the first chapter out by new years. I hope... But I warn you, the first chapter might remain the same for the most part. I'll see...

Thanks guys!