Gazing out the window
At the water-colored garden
Red roses fading in the rain

I run outside and touch
The water drops on the thorns
Puddles splash away the pain

Of prickled fingertips
And under the canopy I huddle
On the seat of the porch swing

Wooden and wordless
Rocking movement
Rhythmic creaking

Drowned out by the claps
Of crackling thunder
Sending shivers through

My soaked arms crossed
Against my chest
And I close my eyes

Breathing in the smell
Of air and water
Senses drowning out

The dry and arid loneliness
Of yesterday's sun drenched
Heat that had melted my heart

Like sticky chocolate leaves
A mess of sweetness
On my fingertips

I hold my heart tightly
Within my crossed arms
And wait for the coolness

To solidify my tears
And make me whole again