As we were driving the next day, I thought about how odd it was that Rick was offering so much money. We have been on the run for two weeks so far and didn't think that today would be the end or our journey. We had gotten tired of hiding so for breakfast we took a risk and walked into a McDonalds and ordered a breakfast. As we were heading back out to the car after a nice leisurely breakfast, we walked past a tabloid stand and we stopped. The front cover had two pictures, one of Andy and another of me. Looking around, we felt that we were being watched.

Andy and I began to head back to the car at a hurried past. As we pulled out and got onto the highway, a car followed us. The car was a state trouper.

"Andy we have company," I was scared. Andy noticed our pursuer and we turned off the highway and onto a country road.

"Why did you do that?" I asked, keeping my eyes on the car.

Andy turned and smiled, "Because these roads have no speed limits." I smiled at his cleverness.

"Well floor it."

Andy nodded and we sped off.

Two Hours to Twelve

"I think we lost him," I commented after tearing my eyes from the mirrors for the first time in about three hours.

"Don't be to sure," Andy said nervously. His knuckles were white and his face was pale. I kept my eyes on the road.

One hour to twelve

"Nope no one," I replied sitting back in my seat.

Andy didn't respond but drove faster.

Fifteen minutes to twelve

"Ahhh… Andy," my voice was high pitched and I was frightened to the extreme.

"Y-yes," he stuttered.

"Any way you can go any faster?" I asked him.

"No, why?"

"We have company."

There was a state trooper following us. Wait not one but two and there was one up ahead. Their sirens were on.

"Gun it," I whispered and we sped forward, swerving the police up front.

One minute to twelve

"Izzie," Andy was truly scared.


"I love you," despite the fact that we were still over a hundred miles an hour, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a simple leather necklace that had a charm. The charm had a heart and a snake. I accepted it and quickly put it on.


"Because we are going to die."

"I love you."

"I love you," Andy replied. He turned his attention to the road, the steering weal was locked and there was nothing we could do.







We were dead.

Epilogue 15 years later

Ricks POV

It was just a fountain of bad news. All of my children were dead and Liz divorced me. Was I really that bad? I don't know, I know will never either. I myself am only a walking corpse and have lived on the streets for the past 15 years. Everyday I ask myself what I had did, and what I could have done. Immediately after all the deaths and the divorce, I sold the house and the money got me lost in the bottle and in the ally way. People no longer recognize me and I don't care. For the first few months, the death and disappearance was all the magazines talked about. Eventually things died down and all was lost.

One night as I walking down the alleyway, I swear I heard the voices. Those voices followed me to a short after death. I guess I have never heard the right thing.

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