Keeper of the keys

Now i'm keeper of the keys,

this sad fate is mine.

I have them all locked away,

in a special box of time.

Made of memories and tears,

hidden amongst the the

dreams and fears.

The love lost,

but not forgotten.

Remember this,

i'm still here.


And i'm living,

for all of you.

My lost friends

and loves.

Soar for me,

in the beautiful sky.

Kiss the stars under

which i lie.

Never forget,

no, i'll never forget

any of you.

Lost to the chaos and carnage,

the pain and dispair.

Life's unfair,

but i'm still here.

The final, the last.

Living for the fallen.

Watching your spirits

fly free.

I am the keeper of the keys.

A/N: This i wrote for a good friend of mine, i hope you like it Twitch. May all the key holders rest in peace.