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7. tHE dREAM

As the waves hit me, I dreamt. I dreamt a dream I haven't had in eight years. Except it was different.

I walked down the hall and called, "Mommy?" Mommy, what?

"In the nursery, Jenavieve." A woman called to me.

My feet moved against my will. As we walked I happened to notice a mirror in this hall. An inner gasp escaped me.

There was a girl, a little girl, with the blonde curls and ribbons in her hair. She was in a pink dress. This girl was me. She had my eyes and was the little me from the pictures the orphanage had given Duston and Alexandra.

We kept walking till we stopped at the door. "Mommy, there is a girl in the house with me." The words spoke out of my mouth. Wait I can tell that I'm here?…

"I know my baby. Don't pay attention to her, she is only here to watch." The woman who I now could see more clearly caused me surprise. She was the woman. The one who was on the tapestry in the Coratation room. My Mother.

Then my body skipped into the room and over to the crib where my mother and a man stood. The man turned and my mind went to overdrive once more.

He had Lizzy's brown hair, and brown eyes that seemed fatherly and suited him well. Also a five o'clock shadow showing slightly on his hard yet fatherly face. His broad shoulders and tall frame set him well, and scars that left evidence of past hardships were slightly frightful but I couldn't help but be comforted by him, for by my heart I knew he was my father.

He smiled a huge smile and leaned down to ruffle my hair. A giggle escaped my young body. Suddenly light globes shot up from his hands and he started juggling them. The child in the crib laughed, joy sprinkling off the sound.

I looked closer at the child. Little brown curls, tiny baby girl. I beamed for knowing who this was right away. My little sister Lizzy or I guess Gabriella.

Abruptly my birth mother and father turned. Away from me and Gabriella. I could feel a shield of a sort, guarding us in a sense. I looked away from their faces to see the presence I sensed. A dark one.

As the darkener came closer and I noticed the scar across his face. No…I knew the outcome of this event and I couldn't let it just happen without me do anything. Mother…Father…listen to me!...You need to escape…They showed no sign of knowing what I was yelling at them in my head. I attempted to look into their minds to find that I couldn't. But I still tried. No! Now hurry and escape! I was struggling in a useless struggle.

"Uncle!" Uncle? Then surprised as my little body attempted to fling itself at the intruder otherwise known as my uncle only to find myself stuck. I looked at my father for it seemed he was the one doing this to me.

"Why Daddy?" My sweet voice asked him.

"I'm sorry Haven, but this is not a rather friendly visit." Uncle answered for my father.

"Why not Uncle?" I asked the innocence obvious in my curiosity.

"You see Haven, your father is the Darkener's Ruler."

"I know that." My little self interrupted.

"I know Haven, but do not interrupt me again. Do you understand?"

I just nodded.

He began again. "Your father is the Darkener's Ruler, while your mother is the Harmonizer's Queen. They were never supposed to fall in love nor be anything more then enemies." He paused to look at Gabriella and me. "Or have children. So it was voted on who would be the heir to each thrown, the older or younger child. You my dear have been chosen to be the Haven." He said directly to my younger self. How could I forget this…and it wasn't birth right it was choice…so there was a choice, it just wasn't put into my hands.

I looked to my mother.

"The Harmonizer's heir." She answered my thoughts.

"And the younger one, your sister, the Raven." Uncle continued.

I looked to Father.

"The Darkener's heir." He answered my little self's thoughts.

"So I have been sent by Alden to retrieve the Raven." He concluded. Then it clicked this is who I was supposed to be keeping away from Gabriella.

"Fredrick, she is only an infant. You can't take her at such a young age, or any age at that. We won't allow it." My father bellowed.

The traitor smirked a dark smile. "My point exactly, Erik. The Raven will be raised above our standards and your magical capability. And I hate to break it to you brother, but it's not in your power anymore."

"Jenavieve, grab your sister and get away from here as fast as you can." My mother said very gently, no fear showing in her tone.

I grabbed Gabriella but just as I was about to sprint, my uncle snatched her from me.

"I'm afraid that's not possible my dear Stella." He hinted.

She bit her lip, something I myself did when I was worried. "Jenavieve, keep going and don't come back she'll be fine." She spoke with a glance in my direction.

Then something strange happened. It felt like I was being pulled apart in a way like I was losing half of me. Hearing a sound I was able to myself turn to the door to see the younger me leaving without me. We weren't connected anymore. Something I was sad to come to terms with. Then I tuned back to what was happening around me.

My uncle was lying on the ground, but I couldn't locate my mother and Gabriella. Luckily my father was standing staring at the man on the floor. But he looked away for a second and that was all Fredrick needed to get up and get a hold on his brother.

"How does it finally feel to be the man, having to follow instead of lead dear brother? To know bad things are happening but you can't do a thing about them." He looked to be enjoying this. Something that was hurting his own brother, my father.

"You'll never be able to hurt them." My real dad, said through ground teeth.

"And who is it that you think we'll be hurting, Erik?"

He was looking directly at me when he spoke. "My daughters." Then a burst of dark light erupted around the room. It was so eerie but bright that I had to close my eyes.

When I opened them I saw blood. On the floor, on the walls, on the furniture. And my father's body lying motionless in the middle of the room. I ran to him, tears streaming for this man who I couldn't remember. But I felt so much love for him, knowing he was my father and he gave up his life for my sister and me.

I looked up to see the man glaring in my direction and I couldn't help but gulp, because it wasn't my father laying dead on the ground that he was glaring at.

It was me.

His jaw was set and his eyes cold. His scar scaring me more than ever.

Eyes locking, he opened his mouth and said with a grudge, "You're next little girl!" and with that he shimmered out of the room and out of the house. Even with him out of the room I could still feel what was left of him in air. A shiver ran down my spine and then I was being pulled again.

I was thrown back into my younger self's body with a slam.

I was standing beside my mother who was holding a sleeping Gabriella in her arms. We were outside in a deserted park.

"Mother, how can she sleep after all that?" My younger self voiced my thoughts.

"My baby, she is only a child. She has no idea of what is going on and neither should you." She looked at me worried. "What did you see in there Jenavieve?"

It all struck me then or at least the other me. Our father, my father was dead. Killed by my uncle. He was my father's brother. I could never imagine killing Lizzy or Gabby now I guess.

I glanced up at the sleeping bundle in my mother's arms. Then noticing a drop of rain hit Gabby on the cheek my younger self gazed up at my mother's face. It was not rain; it was a tear falling down my mother's young and perfect face. Her beautiful golden hair fell and surrounded her face.

I realized she must have seen my thoughts in her mind as they kept replaying over and over in mine.

A little arm mine reached to touch hers gently a brief memory floating in my head as a little girl my father once did this to comfort her.

She flinched but then my little arms encircled her waist and held on to her as she sobbed.

My younger self dared to ask why she was crying, with which she replied later.

We stood there for a while before she spoke.

"Your father is dead Jenavieve. He was killed by his brother and is now in a better place away from us but still watching." She stared intently into my eyes. Her equally green eyes making what she was about to say of the utter most importance. "When you are older and prepared I will find you again and you will help me in finding the man who killed your father. We will avenge his death and we will stop this from ever happening again. Do you understand me Jenavieve?"

"You mean Uncle?" my little voice broke the silence.

"That man is no longer your uncle, he murdered your father!" Her voice rose.

I shrunk. "Yes mother, I understand."

She calmed a bit and Gabby moved in her arms. "Good. Let us be going now." She moved Gabriella to her right arm and grabbed my hand she started walking down the sidewalk.

"Where are we going Mother?" I spoke trying to keep up with her pace.

"We are going to a safe place for you and your sister. Where they will not think of looking for you. I will leave you there and then come back and find you when you are old enough to begin your training." She smiled at me.

"But why must you leave us?"

"Because I am out of shape with my magic and must go to prepare for a battle our worlds have yet to see. And I have to go to start my search for allies who might help us with our vengeance. Also I haven't seen an old friend for quite some time."

"But what about Gabby?" My younger self pondered aloud.

"She will be with you." She stopped to look at me in the eyes again and it was as if she was telling this to both of our souls, "You must keep her safe until I come for she is in danger. That man was just one of many who are going to come for your sister, especially with your father gone. The Darkeners need a ruler and your sister is next in line. Promise me you will keep her safe until I come Jenavieve, promise me."

"Yes mother, I promise." Both my younger self and I answered.

"Good. Keep well on that promise." With that she teleported as I had once done myself.

We were in the city now and Gabby had still not woken. I was looking around at my surroundings to see if anything was familiar when I noticed a hotel across the street it was The Staten. As I looked a little closer I realized I had been to this particular hotel so we must have been in Harrisburg.

As we walked seven more blocks I saw the orphanage I was in as a child and realized this must be where I part with my mother.

I looked up at her and she took us into the little green that was off to the side of the orphanage. Gabby had woken by now and was mumbling nonsense. My mother let go of my hand as we sat on a bench as she place my sister in her lap and turned to me she spoke once more. "I have to take some bits of your memory my baby but will keep some for you must remember your promise." With this she put her hands on either side of my head and my eyes slowly closed.

The feeling came again and I was pulled from the body once more.

My mother got up and laid my body along the bench with Gabby placed in my younger self's arms. She then turned to look at me.

Tears hit her eyes and then flowed out as she looked me over. She was seeing me as I was now an Ethanizeer. I had yet to choose my path but I was not going to have a choice. She then embraced me as a mother does when first seeing her child in years.

As we stood there I wept with her. This was my mother, my real mother. The woman I had been dreaming about.

"You have done so well Jenavieve." She addressed me through a sob.

"I've missed you so much." I whispered.

"My daughter I could not be more proud of what you have become and of what you have yet to be."

"Mother. I have missed saying that word. Mother, Mom, my mother." I was trembling now from this reunion.

"It is okay but you must leave soon." She said suddenly serious.

"Why? I don't want to leave you again!" I wailed as if a two-year old.

"Jenavieve, you are more mature than that. Now make me proud and control yourself." She commanded of me.

I straightened up and detached myself from her hold.

"Good. Now you must leave me." She was looking behind me at something I did not know was there.

I turned to see what she was throwing glances at when I felt another dark presence. It was a woman this time with raven black hair and dark eyes. She was dressed as a pedestrian so anyone around would think of nothing when looking at her, but I felt her darkness and I knew what she really was.

I looked back at my mother and her eyes showed her fear. She glanced at the sleeping children and spoke to me through a thought.

Take your younger self to the shelter…leave your sister…

I looked questionably at her but did as she told me to.

I grabbed myself and sprinted towards the orphanage. The woman merely glanced at me before returning her gaze to my mother who was just picking up Gabby.

I had just laid myself on the step of the door when I heard a groan. Quickly I pushed the doorbell and ran.

The woman was standing over my mother and Gabby lay in a bundle in the woman's arms. Without thinking I took off and charged at the woman.

Within impact she dropped Gabby. But as Gabriella was falling she disappeared. I looked up fearful at my mother to find that she had been teleported back into her arms.

Breathing a sigh of relief I stood up forgetting that I had been on top of the Darkener woman. She grunted but quickly forgot her pain and was up.

She stared at me and I held her gaze. She would not get my sister. She would not kill my mother. She would die. As we stared something happened. Her eyes suddenly glazed over and she just stood there.

Only then did I risk a glance at my mother. She just nodded and then she was gone and so was Gabby. Teleported away to somewhere unknown to me and hopefully the Darkeners.

I turned my gaze back to the Darkener woman.

"I will not kill you until I am stronger. But until then leave my family and I alone go back and never appear to me again." I said through gritted teeth.

She merely nodded and then was gone.

I looked around the green and remembered times of when I was little and would play here. Waiting for someone to come and adopt me. The memories were faded because of my young age, but they were still there for they were at first all I had to remember.

I sat there for awhile when I decided to go see how I was doing in the orphanage.

Walking in more and more memories entered my mind. Running up and down the stairs playing tag with the other kids. Or sitting in my bed talking with the other little girls about their parents but they could remember theirs well, I could not.

And now I knew why I could never remember my mother's golden blond hair or my father's brown eyes. Things I you would think I wouldn't be able to forget but now I knew how I did. My mother did these things to protect me and soon she would come for me. To train me so we will be able to avenge my father's death.

A familiar voice woke me from my thoughts.

A lady in maybe her early forties was looking down at me with a peculiar look. Her black hair was up in a bun, her face only having little makeup. It was Mrs. Martin, the woman who ran the orphanage.

"Can I help you?" She asked.

I glanced into the living area to see my little self playing with the other kids.

"No, thank you though." And I turned on my heal and left through the door, her thoughts ringing in my ears.

What a strange girl…beautiful but strange…

Walking down the street I felt a now familiar pulling and was whipped away and my world turned into a blinding light.

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