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I felt as if I was being pulled out of the light and soon darkness covered my vision. Realizing my eyes were closed, I opened them to a new darkness and new life. Hurriedly I felt my chest and with a gasp found it. My pulse.

Noticing that it was darker then it should be, a shocking feeling of claustrophobia clouded my being. Also that might have been because of the fact that it was hard to breathe.

I lay upon a cushion-like surface with my head, from what it felt like, on a pillow. Raising my arms, my hands came in contact with a hard surface. I pushed on the object that was keeping me from the light I had wished to see, but it wouldn't budge and I panicked.

A slight knocking woke me from my state of mind, startling me.

As another knock was sounded, I felt reassured. My body lay motionless as I waited for my savior to get me out of this place, which still was unknown to me.

In this time I just thought to myself. I pondered over what I had learned about my past. Stella, my mother, the golden haired woman. And the Harmonizer's last Queen. Erik, my father, the dark and mysterious man. The most recent, to my knowledge, Darkener's Ruler. They were my parents. An unrequited love between two natural enemies. The world's most modern Romeo and Juliet, with the same ending. Death. My uncle had murdered my father and that of what I know my mother was dead also. And he, Fredrick, was after Lizzy or by which her real name Gabriella.

At that point I knew I would keep him away from her at all costs. And I would get revenge.

After going over all this in my head, I noticed that whoever was out there was taking an exceptionally long time getting me out of this prison.

Then lifting my hands so my palms could touch what I imagined to be my way out, I made contact with the wood. At that moment a white light flew from fingers.

Gasping hard I tore my hands from the supposed lid. Then it opened and I froze involuntarily.

Staring at me was a man unknown to myself. In his hand resided a crowbar and his body was covered in dirt. I couldn't help but wonder who this man was, who possibly could have sent him. If I remembered correctly nobody truly knew when a change had been completed.

He continued to stare me in the eyes a look of disgust covering his dirtied face. Then he spoke, as if to himself. "I hate it when they don't seal the eyes."

I tried to open my mouth to ask what he meant but found myself still not completely functional.

He tossed his crowbar and started grabbing the jewelry on me. As his hand was near mine taking the bracelet off, I grabbed onto his wrist.

He screamed only as a man can. Then quickly taking his wrist from my hand he jumped back. Then did it hit me. This man wasn't here to save me, of course he wasn't he thought me dead. He was a grave robber.

I took this chance to sit up and look at my surroundings. It was raining and there was lots of mud. Glancing down I gasped.

I resided in a casket.

Fast, I flipped out of it and landed on the soggy ground beside the hole my body had once been in. Next to my foot was a shovel.

Grasping the shovel firmly in my hands I turned and hit the man back down. He grunted but got back up. He was trembling but stood his ground on the farthest side of the hole.

"Wh what are you?" the man stumbled.

Ignoring his question, I analyzed him. I read his thoughts deciphering what would make him do this. Why would any human being dig up someone's loved-one just for money? But the answer was right there.


Growing up as I did, I never felt the need for money. It was always there. I had always gotten what I wanted as a child without question.

This man had grown up on the wrong side of town. He had been abused and then introduced to things he just couldn't stop. Then was taught to steal if he wanted to live or simply eat.

But this man never tried to earn an honest living. He was even happy doing this. He loved doing this. And it was wrong. He had hurt so many people doing this. In truth he was evil. He was a darkener to humans.

And I was going to do them a favor.

I don't know what really happened, but what I do know is that one second I was just getting more and more angry and then next I was running into the man. As soon as there was contact between us I moved my hands to his chest and a bright white light came from my palms.

It was the same light from when I was in the coffin only slightly different somehow. As the light poured into his body from my hands, I didn't back down.

I didn't back down till I saw the whites of his eyes.

I seemed to turn back into myself once I saw that. I gasped and pulled my hands back. He fell to the ground, unmoving.

I stared as he no longer moved, not in the slightest. I couldn't even sense a pulse. I looked at the whole in which I had laid. The casket was empty. I didn't need a dead body on my hands even if he deserved it. To be buried with his job must have been how a man like him would have liked to die.

I pulled his body to the side of the hole and rolled him over the edge so he would fall into my coffin. Closing the lid, I grabbed the shovel and set to work.

As I stared at my headstone, I reread the words engraved into the marble memorial.

'Heather Ashley Staten

A beloved daughter, sister, and friend.

You will never be forgotten in this world and in what awaits you.'

I found it almost funny that there was no 'R.I.P' on the stone. It was cheesy, but would have made my stone a little less fortune cookie like. Of course it stands for rest in peace, but no one obviously gave me that memo considering what I had just been through.

Terrible dream about past. Check.

Grave robbed. Check.

Grave robber murdered. Check.

I was afraid to add anything more to that list, not wanting to think about all the problems I had just come into life again with.

I tried to smile, but I couldn't find the slightest ability to do so. How could I? My family thought I was dead, I was sitting staring at my headstone stating that I died on my own birthday. That I had died at exactly fifteen years.

I had killed and buried a grave-robber who had been attempting to rob my own grave, which he now resided in. I had no where to go, and I had had lights shooting from the palms of my hands.

Just sitting there, a thought that kept running in my head was that I wasn't Heather Staten anymore. I never was. She was just a part of me. But that part had been buried in that grave. And a new person came out, or at least the real me did.

My name is Jenavieve. My mother was the last Harmonizer's Queen, while my father was the Darkener's Ruler. He was murdered by my 'Uncle' and my mother had to flee with my younger sister, Gabriella and I. She sent me and my sister to an orphanage is Harrisburg Pennsylvania, but we got a little sidetracked on our way there. A Darkener came and tried to steal my sister but my mother and I were able to distract her and the Darkener woman disappeared leaving us unharmed. My mother said good bye promising we would meet up again and she would train me after she found some allies and met up with an old friend. She also warned me that more people would come for Gabriella. And that is the story of Jenavieve.

I stood from my spot in front of the headstone of Heather Staten and examined my surroundings. There was a vase that held a dark black rose and a pure white rose.

I held my head high and looked away from the vase that held my fate. I let the tips of my fingers graze the top of the headstone. And there must have been some Heather Staten still left in my body because a white glow shot out again and I was filled with a familiar tugging of my body.

Father Tobin, the priest who had baptized me was running the ceremony, "Heather Ashley Staten, has only left us in body, but her presence is still felt in our hearts. She died young, but has lived a wonderful life. She was adopted by two wonderful people. Duston Staten and Alexandra Staten. They took her in at the young age of five. And only a few years later they adopted her little sister Elizabeth. Memories of her will fade, but they will never be forgotten…"

I looked over at Duston and Alexandra. He was holding her as she sobbed. Which was unusual in two ways; one was because I had never really seen them being public about their relationship. Also, second, Alexandra was always strong and proper, never showing weakness and here she was sobbing in her husbands arms.

My sister was hidden behind Alexandra peeping out every once in awhile. Her eyes were red and tears were still streaking down her face. Her thoughts told me that she was trying not to see the body that lay unmoving in the casket in front of the audience. She was struggling to remember that it was just a temporary thing. Hopefully.

I'll come back for you, don't worry… I thought staring at my sisters small form.

I turned once more, gazing at the casket that lay ahead of me.

My strides were soft, but quick as I neared the wooden encasement of my body, completely unnoticed by the audience that had come to give their last wishes to me. I examined the case. It was of cherry wood and had a snow white lining inside.

Counting to three, I moved my eyes to my body. I felt myself take a quick intake of air. Everyone always says they look as though their sleeping, but I didn't look asleep. I was pale, no color to my face at all. My hair was a dull blond. They had dressed me in a blue dress.

Only then did I glance down at myself.

I was still wearing the blue dress, granted the color had faded and it was covered in dirt.

My eyes moved among the crowd who stood before me. My classmates, teachers, family, even some of my dad employees were there to witness. I tear slid down my cheek and I caught it on my finger tip. Then another drop hit it and morphed into one slightly bigger teardrop. I looked back up and noticed a face that stood out among the others, though it might have had to do with the dark aura that surrounded the owner. A slight smile spread on my face, but then faded as I remembered.

We could never be together. We couldn't make the same mistake my parents had made. We'd end the way they ended. One dead, one missing, and two children on the run.

The thought having children with Bryan brought a blush to my face. I shook my head. For a moment he seemed to gaze where I was located, and I got a good look at his face. His deep blue eyes seemed to have darkened. He was dressed in a simple suit, and but his hair was ruffled, probably due to running his hands through it.

I watched the whole ceremony. It was actually a very beautiful service. I felt bad for Alexandra. She planned a huge birthday for me one day and a funeral the next. Though she might have not paid attention to much detail she did a great job. I was sitting next to the freshly filled in grave when I noticed a figure in the distance. As it came closer I felt a stab of pain in my heart. It was Bryan. He just wouldn't get out of my life so I could get over the pain.

He was now a few feet away and I noticed his eyes were softer but sad as he looked at my grave, but they gave off a determined appeal. He stopped in front of it and took a deep but shaky breath. This was the only time I had seen past his façade and I felt as though I was looking at the real Bryan though he was probably more depressed then usual I could slightly see him for who he really was. Suddenly he snapped his fingers, dismissing the silence and causing me to gasp.

"It's still your destiny to choose. Black or white." He spoke. I thought he was talking directly to me, but alas it was the one six feet under he told this to. Then he turned and strode off.

I watched his retreating figure even when I could see it no more. Then I stood up and turned to look once more at my grave. There beside the headstone was a clear vase holding a black rose and a pure white one.

I felt the familiar tugging of my body and gave myself back to time.

I awoke lying on the cold, wet, and muddy ground. I took a moment before I slowly turned to see the vase still sitting there. The roses looked as though they had been placed there only an hour ago or even less then that. They looked to be just freshly picked.

Who knows how long I just stared at the roses before I moved. Finally I got on my knees and crawled towards the vase.

It must have looked weird to a person who possibly could have been passing by. A girl in a faded blue dress covered in dirt, out in the rain, crawling towards a vase of flowers. But I was determined. I was as determined as Bryan had looked when he put them there.

As I plucked a flower from the vase, an apology ran through my head.

sorry Bryan, but my destiny's already been decided…though I'm not sure I would have chosen any different…

I got up and walked away from Heather Ashley Staten.