Snow white and the seven dwarves,

Seven lines, seven sins

And she's perfected them all.

Bone-white; and white-bone skin,

That's all you can see

As the dust collects on her glass coffin

Because she never was saved.

If she awoke now,

Then you'd wish the prince had no lips,

As her dry throat, raw from screaming,

Tries to form the words

That she shouldn't say.

Time lost itself, and miscalculated,

To such a degree, that he simply can't help.

This is just cruel

To let her out of her box

And for you to open her eyes

When finally had her strength

(the strength required to die)

In truth, you've saved her

For awhile at least

But she's so good at sevens,

Seven sins, seven cuts, seven pills, seven lines, seven lies,

Her cracked lips will smile, sad,

Before she shows off her skills of seven.

And her last breath will be spent

Apologizing to all who tried,

And swearing love though she can't go on.

But she'll curse the apple,

For it's enticing whisper

While still wondering why

Time could have missed her.

Yet when her steps become faulty

And her eyes get that glaze

She'll finally fight for the life

Which so few weren't willing to let fade.

And only because of you, in truth

For being the first to jump back in her head

For her safety, not yourself

She wants to stand as close to edge as she can

Without going over.

She'll be willing, only then,

To turn her back, if she doesn't look down.

Because below the edge is an orchard

Of beautiful, venomous, siren-like apples.

But behind her back,

Lies a forest, and a prince with an oath of love,

Because that's all anybody really needs.