Okay, stop right there. Don't give me that, what are you talking about look, because I know what you're thinking.

I'm sure you've heard about what a slut I am, I mean gez, who hasn't? I'm here to tell you that its all lies… if not lies, crazed exaggerations. I'm a simple girl, and my life seemed bearable before he messed it up. I would smack him if I could forget what his love felt like.

Yeah that's right; the boyfriend stealer is now saying she loved him. You're telling yourself what udder crap, but hear me out. I'm begging you, just listen to my side of the story.

It all started on a dark and stormy night… and I'm not kidding. I should have known right then nothing good would come of that night, right when I felt a few drops on my head. But no, I had tried staying happy. So what if I get rained on? I had thought, its just water.

I was in a fantastic mood that day and wouldn't let something like the weather get me down. I had been writing lyrics at my best friend's house all day. I loved writing with Darry, he was such a sweetheart. Some nights we would stay up all night debating over what rhymes fit better. He thought himself a poet, and I was a lyrist. Then again the best lyrics are poems.

If only I had fallen in love with him instead. God knows he's wanted me all these years. I could never see myself sleeping with him though, so we were doomed to being just friends.

Now, back to the plot.

I was walking home with a bit of a skip in my step, I'm sure. Nothing about me screamed GIVE ME A RIDE HOME, but he stopped and offered anyways.

"Hey, sweetie, need a lift?" he asked sounding oh so pleasant. He slowed his car down and rolled down his window so he could talk to me. I had thought I knew him from someplace, but I shrugged if off quite quickly.

"Trying to pick me up?" I asked joked.

"Aw, if I took you to be the type, but its raining and I cant let a poor get drenched." Little did I know, he had spent long hours figuring out my type, not just as he pulled over his car. In the end he would know he could ruin my life, and I'd still be his. Maybe he didn't know it just then, but that's what this would come to.

"Um, sure. But only cuz' you're a cutie pie," I laughed, flirty. He was… good looking I'll give him that. For all you girls listening to this (if anyone's listening at all) never go for the good looking guys. To often they know how cute they are and it just goes to there fat heads.

I clambered in next to him, thinking how nice this was. Now the rain really wouldn't get me down.

"I'm Stellar, you might be?" I told him.

"Jarrad. Stellar… that's a nice name," he glanced at me and smiled. I should have yelled at him for talking his eyes off the road, if even for a second, gotten out, and had nothing to do with him. At the time I didn't think about it. All I thought about was how white his teeth were.

Looking back on I bet he bleached them, with all that trash he talked. Ha!

"Yeah, my moms pretty rad herself so she gave it to me. I suppose people used the phrase a lot back in the day. Least I'm not called something like Groovy," I chatted happily. I must say, I was smitten almost from the very start. Probably right when I saw those white teeth.

He laughed and asked where I lived. I gave him directions and silence settled over us. It was comfy. God, I was comfy with him right from the start. If only I had told him I didn't take rides from strangers. There are so many if onlys in this story.

"So, what school do you go to?" I asked, utterly relaxed.

"Uhh, same as you? Richard Prep? I thought you only got in my car because you had seen me around," he said, bemused.

"Oh, um. Well then…" I trailed off blushing.

"I'm a senior. The Quarterback?" he laughed at me gently, not mean or anything.

My face fell. I will tell you right now, I'm anti-social. Pretty much all of my friends other than Darry go to a different school. I never know any gossip; have never been to a school football game, I don't even keep track of people's names. I go through school in a kind of daze. It might be hard for some of you to imagine, but I do it pretty well. I never talk to the popular kids. Not ever.

"I thought all quarterbacks only talk to cheerleaders," I told him, a dark tone in my voice. I wasn't angry with him, just the world. He seemed sweet, but some of the jocks had broken into my daze in the past and said some pretty mean things.

"Oh, what little you know. Tell you what, let me take you out next Friday night and I'll teach you," he laughed. He knew I hadn't started hating him because he was on the football team, even though my voice had been so dark.

"I don't wanna' know about your world. I've done my best to avoid it all these years. I've made it junior year, and it's a feat I'm not going to forfeit over one Friday night," I told him.

"How about you learn just about me?" he murmured. His eyes held mine. That's when I noticed how light blue they were. They seemed pierce my soul. He seemed so serious for asking out a girl he just met. Even then, I caught that fact.

"Why does it matter to you? I'm the emo kid that blends into the background, you've never tried to even talk to me," and god I wish I hadn't said that. I remember his reply so clearly, and it haunts me to this day. At the time I thought he was lying, and I had taken it badly. That it was a bad joke. I had chosen to just tell him to just pick me up on Friday and not think about those parting words. It's only looking back I know how true those words were.

"I've been fascinated with you. It's weird because I don't know why, but you're never in my background. I notice you always. Ever since the first time I saw you."

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