A Sonnet

Tell me, what do we search for every day?
Think; does it find us unexpectedly?
Of course! It opens closed eyes to the way.
And does it also come to us softly?
Yes! Like morning light it reveals all,
What else could such a tremendous thing do?
It jumps for us, to catch us when we fall.
Perhaps this thing forgives our damning dues.
We strive to discover this unseen power,
Yearn to hold it in all its beauty,
Its strength astounds, a fervent tower.
We seek it in all its reality.
This thing enchantingly calls us to it,
So tell me quickly, honestly, what is it?

AN – This is just a small sonnet that I wrote two years ago and have finally found the courage to share. I hope you find it entertaining. I'm personally surprised how well it came out, since my poetry is generally very pitiful. Thanks for reading!