A Trite Emotion
by SweetEvil

How can I tell you how much I love you
and make you understand just how much that is?
Do I say, "I love you more than I could ever love anyone else"
and hope that can do justice to the feeling in my soul?
Would "I would die without you" explain
that you are the reason my heart bothers to beat?

It's hopeless to think I could ever give speech
to the force so tritely called love.
You've come into my life with your love
and captured my soul, binding it so tightly to yours.
I've struggled so long to overcome the fear of dependency
and now I have to learn to live with the fear of losing you.

I'm bursting with the need to tell you how I feel
but saying "I love you" is so incomplete.
How can three silly little words express this thing
that holds me so entranced with a gentle touch?
There's nothing I could paint, no words I could say
that could show you how much I need you.

I don't want that overwhelming loneliness again
that threatened to destroy my very existence.
I've found such joy in a simple caress
and waking up beside the one I truly love above all.
And as insincere as it may sound,
My soul would wither and die without you.

With all that I have said and failed to say,
I need to beg forgiveness for my flaws that have hurt you.
Forgive my temper when I snap at you,
I forget that you, my love, have flaws too.
Your love is so encompassing that it doesn't seem humanly possible
so it scares me when I am reminded that you're all too human.

I love you completely and it terrifies me when I realize
how I will die when you are no longer there to love me.
If only your life is as immortal as your love,
then I would no longer fear losing you.
So I hope you now understand how much my soul is yours
and you will hold it to your heart whenever we are apart.

As trite as these words are,
I love you.