Author's Note: This one is actually mine. I'm into unicorn's-as you can see by some of my other poetry.
I hope you enjoy it!


The unicorn stands on a lonely and deserted cliff

Overlooking a verdant yet solemn valley

As the unicorn watches the brook gently babbles

The grass wafts in the barely perceptible breeze.

The moonlight pierces through a shroud of clouds to glance off her horn.

As it strikes the horn, light fragments off, glancing in every direction.

As if light had hit a jewel with innumerable facets.

For a moment, the unicorn shines like a beacon, the gentle gold of her flank and white

purity of her mane and tail light up in the starry darkness of the night.

As the unicorn stands, she sees the entirety of the valley.

At one end is a towering waterfall, sapphire water and diamond jewels of mist are ever


The lazily winding river catches the jewels while bringing life to everything near.

Hedges of berries, vines and trees of fruit enclose the valley, a natural barrier of plenty.

As the unicorn stands, the moon is enveloped once more in clouds,

Leaving darkness in its wake to fall upon the now quiet valley

In the moment of darkness, there is peace

And a call to come home.

As the unicorn stands, silence descends for a moment

She rears up and turns, answering the call to go home.

Moonlight guides her way, illuminating the rocky terrain

Lighting her also-a glimpse of nobility lost, and character unseen by the eyes of men.