Your voice is like honey

Sticky-sweet as it pours over

Delicate cracked lips

That stretch awkwardly

Into a titled smirk

As you flash pure white teeth

Razor-sharp as they dig

Into the soft pink flesh

Your eyes are prisms

Bending the light

As the colors swirl into the black

Blue green gold breathtaking

As they pull me in

And shut me out

Piercing me to the marrow

And putting me back together

Molecule by molecule

Your fingers are long and delicate

As they snake through a jungle

Of jet-black hair

A tangled mess that

Falls across your face

Eyes poking though the strands

As you swing your head around

Your laugh is like vanilla

Silky-smooth as it rings out

Over lips that stretch into a tight "O"

As you tilt your head back

And the hair falls out of your eyes

That warm up

Sweet as cinnamon

As you dance around

Writhing to music only you hear

Because it's inside you

And don't you know you can lift me up?

Don't you know you can heal me?

Don't you know you can make me feel sweeter

Than the cool honey of your voice?

And don't you know you can break my heart

Stop the blood flow

And make my skin as pure white as your

Razorblade smile?

And don't you know I'll let you?