A long time ago dragons lived together with the humans, wizards, and other magical creatures. The dragons helped the humans and wizards by carrying large loads of supplies, and the people, around to places. Each of the dragons had riders and protected them.

But a war broke out and most of the dragons were used to kill. When the war was over the dragons went out to look for new riders. Everywhere they went, though, they were rejected. The people feared them and thought that they would bring more suffering. So, the dragons were sent to a continent far to the South East.

From then on the continent was called Ryuu Country.

Our story begins with four girl wizards who, all their lives, loved dragons and who, also, have wanted all their lives to go to Ryuu Country.

It's the girl's 16th birthday and they're spending lunch together at their favorite café. After lunch they're going home to pack, load their dragons, and head off to Ryuu Country.

The girl's names are Victoria, Rhoda, Tifa, and Meroko.