Chapter 3: Victoria's Past Friends

"Victoria, why are we going to see these boys again?" Tifa asked.

"Because I want you see to see them," Victoria replied.

"Oh, right," Tifa said unsure of this idea.

They were following Ruby, Diamond, Buronzu, and Shichuu to find the boys. They had been walking for a while.

"So, Victoria, do you know the boys?" Ruby asked in a sing song voice.

"Well, kind of," Victoria replied, thinking a bit.

They started walking towards the outside of the dragon camp and towards a huge hill.

At the top of the hill, with their back to them, were four boys and four dragons. The two dragons were on the sides of the hill, lying down and the boys were at the top, two were standing and two were sitting.

"Hey guys!" Buronzu shouted.

The dragons lifted their heads and looked at them. One was blue with yellow underneath. His wings were yellow with blue spots. There was also a huge white horn on his forehead. Another was an emerald green, yellow green underneath and soft lime green eyes.

There was one that was dark silver and emerald eyes. Yet another was copper with a hint of green and dark orange eyes. The two sitting down turned around and stood up. The other two sat up and turned.

"Ramous! Ryan! Darien! Hiroshi!" Diamond shouted.

Ramous, one of the two standing up had short blonde hair and light blue eyes. He wears earth tone colors for shirts and slacks, and his boots are black. The other, Ryan, has short cut brown hair and light blue eyes. He wears gangster t-shirt, genes, and sneakers.

Darien, of the sitting down, has short black hair and light brown eyes. He wears a black t-shirt, a green jacket, black pants, and shoes. The other, Hiroshi, has soft green eyes and short cut light brown hair. He wears black tees black caprices, and black leather boots.

"Hey, guys," Ryan said. "What's up?"

"We have a person here that wants to see you," Ruby said.

She stepped a side. Victoria was standing there. She looked at the four boys. They all looked shocked.

"V-Victoria, is that you?" Ramous asked. His voice was shaky. It held confusement and excitement.

Victoria nodded. "It's been a long time, hasn't it?" she said.

The boys nodded as well. Then Victoria ran and threw her arms around Ramous' neck. He put his arms around her. They stayed like that for a little while and then they broke apart.

"Awe, isn't that sweet," said a voice behind them.

They turned around and saw five dragons. The one in the middle was an all black dragon with black eyes. The one to his right was a really dark green with black eyes. The next one was a dark gray with black eyes. The one to his left was a dark blue with black eyes. The next one was a dark brown with black eyes.

"Shut up Kuroryuu," Ramous said.

"What's wrong?" Kuroryuu asked in a mocking voice.

"Just shut up," Ramous said in a little louder.

"That's enough!" said another voice.

Coming up behind Kuroryuu and his friends was Shidoosha and an icy blue dragoness with baby blue eyes.

"Kuroryuu, your father wants you," the dragoness said.

"Fine," Kuroryuu said with an irritated voice. He threw a you-got-lucky look at Ramous and then, he and his group flew off.

"Thanks Shantii," Ramous said.

Shantii smiled at Ramous then turned her attention to Victoria.

"How are you Victoria?" Shantii asked. "You probably don't remember me-"

"- Shantii. I'm good, you?" Victoria said finishing her sentence.

"Good," Shantii relied, smiling.

"Ahem!" Meroko said.

"Victoria, you've got some explaining to do," Tifa said.

"He he," Victoria said.

"How 'bout we go to the cave and we'll talk about it," Darien said.

They all went back into the camp. The boys and the dragons lead the way to the cave.